Marc Gunn

Do you love Celtic music and culture, science fiction and fantasy, or cats?

My name is Marc Gunn. I was nicknamed The Celtfather, and not just because I am a dad. I'm an award-winning rhythm and folk musician. I play both traditional Irish and Scottish songs as well as funny fusions of Celtic music, Sci Fi and cats. I sing my songs while playing the autoharp. I'm also host to the largest Celtic music podcast in the world. I want to share my music and happiness with you!

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First Concert Window of 2016 Review

First Concert Window of 2016 Review

I had a good show last night on Concert Window. It was great to be back. It was awesome to see all of the names who popped up in the chat room. Here’s the stats: 17 People bought tickets at an average of $6.87 per ticket. Your total share is $81.72 6 Subscribers watched, your […]

Celtic Geek, Concert Window, St Patrick’s Day, Happy Valentine’s Day

Some weeks I want to podcast some new and exciting episodes. Other weeks, I just want to share some news. That’s the case for this week’s podcast as I talk about a new compilation CD, my first Concert Window performance of the year, Celtic Love Songs and of course the third annual St. Patrick’s Day […]

Awesome Interview from the Writing Dragons Blog

Sometime last year, I was interviewed by Jamie Lyn Weigt for her blog Writing Dragons. I finally got to reading the interview. I loved it. It hit on a whole bunch of different things I don’t talk about much, including those related to my upcoming album, Dragons vs. Pirates. It’s called “From Swift to Star […]

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