Marc Gunn

Lets be honest. Top 40 radio has nothing to do with Celts and Geeks. We enjoy more interesting music!

Marc Gunn plays Celtic Geek music. It's rhythm & folk Celtic music on the autoharp, fusing traditional Irish and Scottish songs with a comedic twist. He has released over 20 solo albums since 2004. His love of science fiction conventions, Renaissance festivals, fantasy, comedy, dragons, and cats shows in his music.

Marc was nicknamed The Celtfather, and not just because he is the father of two wonderful girls. It's because he pushes the limits of Celtic music online. He has won awards, gives away a full album of his music and you can enjoy hundreds of hours of podcasts. Marc Gunn helps you celebrate Celtic culture through music, while reassuring you it is awesome to be a Geek!

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12 August 2016

12 August 2016

It took me a surprising three days to recover from GenCon. It was tough keeping up with the kids. So Wednesday, we went to the McWane science center.  There’s something about getting out of the house and away from the familiar that makes it easier to interact when you’re really tired. Kenzie started kindergarten on […]

New Video Show with Facebook Live on Wednesdays

Mondays and Wednesdays are the days that I’m attempting to do new videos. Today, I launched a live performance on Facebook Live. I don’t know yet if it’ll happen every Wednesday, but I want to try. Now the goal is to do a 10-15 minute show featuring song requests from you. Or if I get […]

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