Marc Gunn

Celtic Music, the Traditional and the Twisted. Are you a Celtic Geek?

Marc Gunn is a Celtic Geek. He plays rhythm & folk Celtic music on the autoharp, fusing traditional Irish and Scottish songs with a comedic twist. He has released over 20 solo albums since 2004. His love of science fiction conventions, Renaissance festivals, fantasy, comedy, dragons, and cats shows in his music.

Marc was nicknamed The Celtfather, and not just because he is the father of two wonderful girls. It's because he pushes the limits of Celtic music online. Few Celtic musicians have so masterfully used the internet to launch their music careers as he has, winning awards, giving away a full album of his music and podcasts. Marc Gunn helps you celebrate Celtic culture through music, while reassuring you it is awesome to be a Geek!

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New Video Show with Facebook Live on Wednesdays

Mondays and Wednesdays are the days that I’m attempting to do new videos. Today, I launched a live performance on Facebook Live. I don’t know yet if it’ll happen every Wednesday, but I want to try. Now the goal is to do a 10-15 minute show featuring song requests from you. Or if I get […]

Free Celtic Geek Compilation. Get Your Copy!

Free Celtic Geek Compilation. Get Your Copy!

Some bands give away 1-3 MP3s to promote their music. I’ve been doing this long enough to realize that just isn’t enough. If you really want to get to know someone’s music, you need a good album to listen to, freely, and on repeat. Then,  you’ll fall in love with it. That’s my philosophy anyway. […]

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