Pub Songs #129: Preview of How America Saved Irish Music

The American impact on Irish music and my new CD is the theme of the first episode of the Pub Songs Podcast in 2014. I'm holding a fundraiser to help pay for the album before it is released.

In this show I sing three songs found on the album with my Americanized twist on Irish songs on the autoharp. It's beautiful fusion of music. I hope you enjoy the show.

Watch the show on YouTube!

Oh! Don't forget. You can pre-order the album right here:

February 7, 2014
CD Release Concert @ 7:30pm
Grace Lutheran Church
Round Rock, TX
Tickets $15


Marc Gunn & Jamie Haeuser - How America Saved Irish Music

This Week’s Music from the Pub

“Men of New Basin Canal”

“Leaving of Liverpool”

“Gypsy Rover”

songs from How America Saved Irish Music