17 Free Celtic MP3 Downloads for St. Patrick’s Day 2016

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Every St Patrick's Day for the past eleven years, I've published an awesome article called “17 Free Celtic MP3 Downloads for St. Patrick's Day” (see past issues here). I'm happy to say, “It's back!”

This article is dedicated to the indie Irish and Celtic bands. There is a LOT of great Celtic music around the world. Some of it is in your backyard, and you may not even know about it. That's why I started the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. I want to help the little guys be heard, and I want to help you find them.

Traditional Irish Music in Dublin

The Irish & Celtic Music Podcast shares Celtic music from artists you will probably not hear on most radio programs. That's because they don't have the budget to hire a publicist to get their music featured on big radio stations or on most Celtic radio programs either. Instead, they do it themselves. They contact individual programs and say, “Hey! I play Celtic music. Will you play me?” Some say yes. Others listen and say, “You're not ‘Celtic' enough!”

That's what I ran into when I first started playing Celtic music. I sang some great traditional Irish and Scottish songs, but because I play an autoharp, I was snubbed. I don't want that ever to happen to artists. I want to give every one who is making good music an opportunity to be heard. That's what I do each and every week through my podcast. And we've done great things.

I say “we” because I'm not alone. I have a team of Celtic music fans who help me create the many articles, newsletters, and reviews I publish. I also have ALL of my listeners and Patrons of the Podcast. Every one of you is essential to the success of this show.

Because of you, the podcast has spent the past eleven years at the top of the iTunes Podcast Music Charts. We've won twice in the Podcast Awards for Best Podsafe Music. We have thousands of likes on our Facebook page and subscribers to the Celtic Music Magazine.

We have Celtic music fans telling other Celtic music fans just how awesome the show is. You inspire me and encourage me to make each and every show great while still staying to true to my mission of sharing independent Celtic music. So thank you!


Special Thanks to All the Bands for the Celtic MP3s

I also want to thank all of the bands who submit their music to the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. Many of them give me permission to share their MP3s to my Song Hengers, exclusive patrons of the podcast. It's because these bands are so generous with their music that you are getting this exclusive article. They have given me permission to share their MP3s freely with you.

Of course, it's not entirely free. Yes, you are welcome to download the MP3s, but it is with the hope that if you love the music, you will buy an MP3, an album, swag, or just join the mailing list of one of the artists you hear.

Musicians today, more than ever, rely on the generosity of people like you to support our art. Each time you find music you love, consider supporting the artist in some way, if you want to see it continue. Because with declining CD sales and proliferation of streaming services that pay only a fraction of a cent for each listen, we are at a crossroads. We need your support.

Of course, if you don't have money right now, don't sweat it. It's not just about money. It's about becoming a fan for life and supporting the music for years to come. I hope some of the music you download today will become a big part of your Celtic music catalog.

Oh! And if you want even MORE FREE CELTIC MP3s, make sure you subscribe to our Celtic Music Magazine. You'll get 34 more!


How to Download Your FREE Celtic MP3s for St. Patrick's Day

Let’s get started. The music is all easily compiled into one large ZIP file. To download:

  • Right-click the link below.
  • “Save as” to the folder you choose.
  • Then unzip the file.

Download: 17 Free Celtic MP3s for St Patrick’s Day 2016 (ZIP file, 107 MB)

That’s it! Download and listen. Make sure you save this article so you can find out more about the bands. And don't forget to visit their websites for more information and how to buy their music.

Oh! Get last year's 17 Free Celtic MP3s while you can.

The Selkie Girls - Parting Glass

17 Free Celtic MP3s for St. Patrick's Day (plus a bonus one)

  1. “The Echo of Carrowkeel/The Cock & The Hen/Hardiman the Fiddler” by Chief O'Neill's Mixed Flock from The New Blackthorn Stick
  2. “Lon-Duhb” by The Selkie Girls from Parting Glass
  3. “2 Jigs For Sure” by Los Paddys de Las Pampas from Come Home
  4. “Juice of the Barley” by Abby Green from Why Should I?
  5. “Crossing The Atlantic” by The Ne'er Duwels from The Ne'er Duwels
  6. “Mountain Fey” by Emerald Rose from Sunwise
  7. “Star of the County Down/Tam Lin” by Carolina Ceili from 50 Shades of Green
  8. “Motherland” by Bard & Company from Bard and Whistler
  9. “Whiskey For My Mates” by Emerald Dawn from Demo
  10. “Lament for Bridget O'Donnel: A Victim of Famine (Live)” by Jim McKenna Uilleann Piper
  11. “Tha mi Sgith” by Burning Bridget Cleary from These Are the Days
  12. “Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore” by The Fire Inside from Spark
  13. “Enchanted Glade” by Myddle Earth from Days of the Weasel
  14. “Goblin's Inn” by Redhill Rats from Cape Wolf
  15. “The Fisherman's Song” by Count 4dB from Rylander: There Can Be Only One
  16. “Don't Go Blamin' Whiskey” by Stout Pounders from Thirst
  17. “Grace O' Malley” by The Gothard Sisters from Mountain Rose
  18. BONUS SONG: “Johnny Jump Up” by Marc Gunn from Celtic Geek

I sincerely hope you enjoy all of this great music that we all share with you. If you do, again, show your support for the artists. Tell your friends about this free album of awesome Celtic music. Because these indie Celtic musicians need your support!

Marc Gunn, The Celtfather
Host of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast and Chief Editor of the Celtic Music Magazine.