Irish Love Songs for a Valentine’s Day in Austin at Things Celtic

As I looked through the mix of Irish and Scottish songs that I play, I found there aren’t that many that are love songs… Rather, they are conditional love songs.

“Wild Mountain Thyme” for instance. It’s a love song that says I’ll do anything for you, but if you don’t love me back, screw you!

“Peggy Gordon” is a beautiful song that tells the story of a man madly in love with a woman who doesn’t care much for him as well.

Well all in all, I found a nice mix of songs. A lot of the songs I write are love songs which heps, but I did find a nice mix of songs of falling in a love and then having to leave them (“Lish Young Buy-A Broom”), or falling in love from a distance (“Star of the County Down”), or ones love being stolen away (“Gypsy Rover”).

All in all, there’s a nice mix of songs, but overall, I think I need to increase my love song repertoire.

Last night, I compiled set list for my Irish Valentine’s Day in Austin show that takes place this Saturday. I gotta say that’s no easy task. Here are most of the songs that I plan to play.

  1. Wild Mountain Thyme – I will love you always… unless you don’t love me, then screw you!
  2. Another Lonely Night – Missing your love.
  3. An Irish Lullaby – Parental love and longing.
  4. Lish Young Buy-A-Broom – Falling in love on the road, but not being able to stay with them.
  5. The Bridge – A lover’s apology.
  6. When She Held Me In Her Arms – Falling in love with someone in a market place and living happily ever after.
  7. Froggie Went A-Courtin’ – Courting a female in the animal kingdom.
  8. Peggy Gordon – Falling in love but being rejected.
  9. Nation Once Again – Love for one’s country.
  10. Star of the County Down – Falling in love with someone and doing your all to marry them.
  11. Loch Tay – Being in love with someone who is not commited to you.
  12. Here’s to the Dreamers – In love with an ideal.
  13. The Lady of Setliff Manor – Instrumental love song for a woman.
  14. Mairi’s Wedding – Going to a wedding.
  15. Maid Went to the Mill – Lustful love.
  16. My Love Is Like A Red, Red Rose – Loving someone whole-heartedly until they no longer love you.
  17. Lusty Young Smith – In love with sex.
  18. Gypsy Rover – A love stolen away from you.
  19. Salley Gardens – Falling in love with someone who is not yet ready to love.
  20. Galway Shawl – Falling in love with someone and finding you can’t stay with them, but you will always remember them.
  21. Woman As Salvation – Worshipping the one you love.

I did release a CD of love songs called A Tribute to Love. It features some Irish loves songs and other songs inspired by love.

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