#253: Totally Trad Irish Music… April Fools!

We've had a wide mix of Celtic music over Irish American Heritage Month. So much so that I think we should play totally Trad Irish Celtic music. Don't you? So that's the plan! Awesome, serious, indie Celtic music from Rattle the Boards, SloanWolfe, Sligo Rags, Trinity River Whalers, Ceann, Brobdingnagian Bards, Whirly Jig, Emerald Rose, Stout Pounders, Battlelegs, Beatnik Turtle, Doug Folkins, Paddy's Pig, McFlooseys.

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seatlewf wrote on iTunes: “Love the podcast. Great music and awesome host. Thank you from this Irish American”

Byjtrogers wrote on iTunes: “I love this show because Marc gets straight to the music and the music is always what I wanted to hear that day.”

trevorteusc wrote on iTunes: “I have been listening for over a decade. Not only have I not gotten tired of it, but I still look forward to every episode. Marc Gunn is probably the hardest working podcaster on the planet”.

Chris 100,000,000 wrote on iTunes: “Great way to listen to classic Celtic music and check out new Celtic bands”

Jean Ray shared a picture from her daughter Shannon of Galway decked out for St. Patrick's Day.

Donald Henderson Jr shared a picture of him putting together a presentation about his highland games while listening to the podcast.

Marc Clark shared a picture of walking around Visalia California while listening to episode 246. Thanks for all the great music over the years.

Kathryn Lesko emailed: “Marc, I only discovered it a year ago, but I've been listening faithfully ever since. This year has been a turning point in my life, and hearing you talk about the importance of travel and hearing your music every week inspired me to apply to medical school in Ireland. And now I will be moving to Cork to study medicine for the next four years, so THANK YOU for everything you do, and keep doing it!”

Rattle the Boards - Parish Platform

This Week in Celtic Music

0:31 “Jigs: Jimmy's Jig/Jig Gan Ainm” by Rattle the Boards from The Parish Platform

4:15 “Looking Ahead” by SloanWolfe from SloanWolfe

6:26 “We're Irish Tonight (Hung Over in the Morning)” by Sligo Rags from Roll Me Down the Mountain

10:00 “Doctor's Orders” by Trinity River Whalers from Both Barrels

13:10 “Pittsburgh Makes Me Drunk” by Ceann from Rave, Rant, Lose Pants

15:56 “The Orange and the Green” by Brobdingnagian Bards from The Holy Grail of Irish Drinking Songs


20:16 “The Night Pat Murphy Died” by Whirly Jig from Thing-A-Ma-Jig

25:16 “The Chicken Raid of Cymru” by Emerald Rose from Rants and Rambles


35:40 “The Mermaid” by Stout Pounders from 3 Drink Minimum

38:42 “Whiskey Johnny” by Battlelegs from The Very Best of Battlelegs, Vol. 1

40:25 “Finnegan's Wake” by Beatnik Turtle from Sham Rock

44:03 “Park the Car” by Doug Folkins from Another Last Call

46:50 “Henry Me Son” by Paddy's Pig from Maple & Wire

52:03 “Slides” by McFlooseys from One Night in Dublin

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Donald Henderson getting ready for Highland Games

Donald Henderson getting ready for Highland Games

Jean Ray Galway Decked for St. Patrick's Day

Jean Ray's daughter took a picture of Galway Decked for St. Patrick's Day

Marc Clark Marc just thought I'd share a picture of me walking around Visalia California while listening to episode 246. Thanks for all the great music over the years.

Marc Clark “just thought I'd share a picture of me walking around Visalia, California while listening to episode 246. Thanks for all the great music over the years.”

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  1. #253

    By far one of your best. (even though they are all good) Trying to pick the best is always hard…..but I will give ya two of my favorite ….. “The Orange and the Green” and “Doctor’s Orders”. I can not tell ya how happy I am that I am getting the podcast again…..thanks

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