Cat Songs

I quietly posted a new EP called Cat Songs a couple weeks back.  I did it quietly because you may already own these songs.  All four songs on the EP come from three different CDs.  There are two songs from Kilted For Her Pleasure, one tune from The Bridge, and one song from A Tribute to […]

Live at the Cactus Cafe: Cat Songs and Celtic Music

The “Weird Al” of Irish music returns with a live version of his top-selling CDs “Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers”. CD Baby Editor’s Pick! Combine Cats and Celts and you have Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers, a CD for the wonderfully demented kitty cat fantastic. Listen to music you’ve heard on St. Patrick’s […]

My List of Cat Songs

I don’t know if I’ve published this anywhere, but thought I’d share the cat song lyrics I’ve written (as well as contributions) for my collection of Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers. It’s a fun collection of cat songs for cat lovers. Read, listen, and get a smile on your face. Wild Kitty Black Kitty […]

Two Cat Songs on Dr. Demento

I received word that last weekend’s episode of Dr. Demento had TWO, count ’em 1, 2 songs by yours truly. The songs? One from each of my cats CDs. Yay! What Shall We Do With A Catnipped Kitty – Marc GunnI’ll Tell My Cat – Marc Gunn Feel free to request a song for Dr. […]

More Cat Songs Officially Begun

Whew! What a day! I’m tired and wired. Today is the start of my studio recording for my next Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers CD. I drove over to Rich Brotherton’s studio at 10 am with Starbucks in hand. We got started rather quickly. I played him “What Do You Do With a Catnipped […]

Pub Songs #41: Why Cats and Celtic Music?

Pub Songs #41: Why Cats and Celtic Music?

Ask a question, and I will try to answer it like I did when Donna asked how I got into Irish music and cats. Notes: “Streams of Whiskey” by Patrick’s Head from Arse Biscuits! How I Fell in Love with Cats and Celtic Music “Jasper Tabby Kitty Cat-y” by Marc Gunn from Irish Drinking Songs […]

Lap Cats Singing Swan Songs

I think I need to write a song about lap cats. You hear all about lap dogs. I used to have one as a kid. But you hear very little about lap cats, and I’ve never heard no songs about them. Yet, I have two cats who LOVE sitting in my lap. Tiziano is here […]