A Lil’ Bit of Love (Lyrics)

by Marc Gunn, Dec 5, 2007

Every year, I visit a house near the Louisiana Renaissance Festival and spend a few weeks. In the house lives a meowy black cat named Lil' Bit. This is the same home where I fell in love with Evan Williams bourbon. The Mews… I mean Muse struck while staying there.

You're standing by your car, and I don't know why you're leaving.
You don't want to go. That's plain to see.
And when our lips meet, I can see in your eyes we're conceiving.
But it'll take a lil' bit of time, before you come home to me.

A lil' drop of Bourbon down in Louisiana
A lil' drop of you lying a lil' too close to me.
And Lil' Bit's meowing to be let out of the bedroom
Cause with a lil' bit o'luck, you'll be lil' bit in love with me.

Remember last night when Colin walked into the restaurant?
You pulled me close as he proposed in broken Portuguese.
I know you think a movie, it ain't worth believin'.
Believe me when I tell you, you've Enchanted me.

It might seem kinda silly, but I carry my cellphone.
Everywhere I go I wait for that thang to ring.
And when I see your name, my heart skips a beat tenfold.
Cause I'm hoping you'll say, “you're the only one for me”