What I’m Doing Now

It's summer time. So things are a bit different than usual

  • kids are home for the summer so I'm taking care of them every day of the week
  • trying to keep our house clean and from falling to pieces with my wife
  • trying to Kickstarter gifts completed for As Long As I'm Flyin'
  • printing products for GenCon and DragonCon
  • trying to stay on top of Irish & Celtic Music Podcast
  • looking for new gigs for 2018 and to fill lots of gaps at the end of the year
  • start organizing Celtic Invasion of Isle of Skye
  • releasing and promoting videos from my Celtic Invasion of Brittany
  • planning my next Concert Window
  • planning my first patron-only concert on Patreon
  • trying to find new ways to promote Gunn Runners Club
  • editing new episodes of The Celtfather podcast
  • planning a new episode of Pub Songs Podcast
  • planning the Kickstarter for Sea Shanties for Cat Lovers
  • brainstorming ideas for some spectacular new shows
  • re-launching Autoharp Radio as a podcast