What I’m Doing Now

I have a MILLION projects that I work on, but I don't multitask well. So I thought I would make list of some of my many projects with the hope to share with you and engage my own mind.

  • being a full-time dad 2-3 days a week
  • trying to keep our house clean and from falling to pieces with my wife
  • driving to and from Hammond, LA to perform with Kilted Kings at Louisiana Renaissance Festival
  • trying to record Kilted Kings show to see if we can get some sort of live recording
  • organizing, recording, and promoting Irish & Celtic Music Podcast
  • trying to book housing for the Celtic Invasion of Cornwall
  • trying to figure out ways to use video to promote my podcasts and music
  • recording and brainstorming new ideas for The Celtfather podcast
  • recording Celtic Music Spotlights for the show
  • brainstorming and trying to implement ideas for a Celtic Christmas Podcast app,
  • planning recording of one or two episodes of Celtic Christmas Podcast plus a Celtic Christmas special for the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast,
  • doing some promotion for my Celtic Christmas music website for the Christmas holiday
  • finding someone to mix Dragons vs. Pirates CD, trying to finish rewards
  • recording eBook of Pirates vs. Dragons as a podcast with Rie Sheridan Rose so I can move on to planning the Pub Songs Podcast
  • trying to keep up with a flood of emails and managing new Celtic music
  • trying to get reviews for my Celtic Christmas Greetings CD on iTunes
  • working with Rudiger for release of “Nollaig Shona Daoibh” Christmas single
  • working with Carla Morrow to finish Dragons vs. Pirates album cover.
  • brainstorming reunion concert with Andrew McKee for Brobdingnagian Bards

Well, there ye go. That's all I can think of right now. I'm sure there are a ton of other things on my plate, but this is all I remember.