Another Lonely Night (Lyrics)

by Marc Gunn, 2001

I wrote this song in 2001 while performing at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival. It was the first time I was removed from my fiancee at the time, and it got lonely. It took a wee bit of revision, but I finally put together a song that I love.

Another lonely night far away from you.
I write this note to say, “I miss you.”
Well, I miss your smile. I miss your lips.
I miss my laughing when I'm with you.
And I long for your kiss.

Each day comes to a dream-filled end.
Lay your head on my chest. On you head I'll rest my chin.
Your soft cheeks caress my every breathe.
Your feathery tresses dance like children down your neck.

Then the morning comes and I awake content.
In a few days I'll be with you to taste your lips again.
So for now I write this song with the hope.
That two days hence, I'll hold you close.

Though storm's may come, I'll never let you go.
Through the blazing heat and the freezing snow.
For you anchored my heart in the depths of your love.
And when the tempest subsides over the waves soars the dove.