Apple Music & 10 Years as a Musician

Being home with the kids has been limiting the number of tasks that I am able to get done, but there is still a lot going on! This week marks the 10-year Anniversary of me leaving my day-job to pursue podcasting and Celtic music full time – I don't regret a minute of it! And July 28 will mark the 10-year Anniversary of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. I'm still in the process of figuring out my iTunes feed, but have joined Apple Music, and am loving it! It's less flexible than some other platforms, but is a good accompaniment to Spotify for the moment.

Album Spotlight of the Week

Chief O'Neill's Mixed Flock – The New Blackthorn Stick. The first group to work on integrating clarinet and traditional Celtic music. The newest album was released in May 2015 – if you'd like to hear their music, they're featured in the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast #210 (linked below).

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 Mentioned This Week on The Celtfather #34

  • Inara Claire Gunn – she is my proof that I'm bad at multitasking; if you hear baby coos during the podcast, don't mind those!
  • Cholesterol and Health Update – I worked out once this week, but for right now, they might be minimal workouts, as Inara is taking up a lot of my time!
  • Wednesday is my 10-year Anniversary of quitting my day-job – best ten years ever!
  • July 28 marks the 10-year Anniversary of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast! If you'd like to send along congratulations, call (678)-CeltPod and leave a voicemail, or send an email to
  • Still working on the iTunes feed, but now I'm in contact with iTunes, so that should be resolved soon.
  • The Sainted Song-Henge gifts are almost ready to be sent! Thanks for your patience!
  • The Song-Henge Newsletter went out last week, and the Celtic Music Newsletter will be going out next week – I'm still working on hitting the sweet-spot for best day to send them.
  • Apple Music Launched last week – basically Spotify for iPhone users – and I love it! There are still some issues, which is why I've kept Spotify so far.
    • Connect with me on Apple Music if you have an account – @MarcGunn
  • Album Spotlight of the Week: Chief O'Neill's Mixed Flock – The New Blackthorn Stick ; the world's first ever Irish traditional clarinet album. They're featured in the Celtic & Irish Music Podcast #210 – check it out!
  • An old favourite album with a lot of memories – Claudio Baglioni – Oltre