Bedlam Bards Fiddler Hypnotizes with Music

Cedric is the fiddler and one of the singers of Bedlam Bards, a comedic Celtic group from Austin, Texas that was one of my biggest influences when learning how to put on a show. This weekend, I sat down with Cedric to get a in depth interview about how he escaped Lubbock to join the SCA, form a Celtic band, and  hypnotize his audiences with charm and wit.


He moved around a lot as a kid, started fiddling as a young'un, and in college got involved with the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.), which launched him into the world of being a Bard. After beginning work with Renaissance Festivals, filking songs for Firefly brought another dimension to the poetry and stories he'd been writing and telling previously.

Learning to put on a great show was gleaned from years of playing music and through participation in the SCA – and it turns out that teaching in college was a huge asset as well. When the Bedlam Bards were formed, they found their feet after some trial and error, and became a band of competing front-men, keeping the action and energy high ever since.

Successes as Performers: Staying together for as long as they have!

Challenges as Performers: Bawdy Shows are sometimes hard sells for Festival Leadership,
Working with Faire Management can be complex,
Amplification of Performers – it's a new thing, and seems less authentic.

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