Black Kitty Paw (Lyrics)

Lyrics Marc Gunn, music traditional, Sept 26, 2007

Performed by Marc Gunn
From CD: Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers

Her eyes they glowed like the moonlight.
She strolled like a Queen her head tall.
Her furr had a sheen of obsidion,
She helped shine with her black kitty paw.

In a neat little town they call Belfast,
To an Irish Setter I was bound.
And many’s the hour of sweet happiness
I played catch with that little hound.
Til a sad misfortune befell him.
I swore no other dog I’d belong.
That’s when bad luck turned to good fortune
When I saw that black kitty paw

As I was strolling quite lonely,
My thoughts on the best friend of man,
A black cat crossed in front of me,
And made me think I was damned.
But she dropped right down in front of me.
Her back rubbed the ground as she sprawled.
And a smile crept on my dark face
Bewitched by her black kitty paw.

Well she stayed by my side til the morning
And meowed when my tears hit the ground
As if saying, “Smile, my young fellow,
There are plenty other doggies around.”
For seven short months, we were together.
She stayed by my side through it all.
Til I finally felt willing for another pup,
All thanks to the black kitty paw.

So come all ye superstitious fellows
I’ll have take a listen to me.
If black cats e’er cross your path
Remember my kitty colleen.
Well she loved with complete surrender
Showed me how through dispair to stand tall
Now whenever I’m filled with depression
I remember my black kitty paw!


This cat song is based on the Irish folk song, “Black Velvet Band“. Sometimes, love, hope, and healing can come from the most peculiar places. This is a very sad and touching song about a man whose dog passes away. He learns to cope through the love of the oddest creatures, a black cat that crosses his path. Look for it on my Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers CD.

You can listen and enjoy more cat songs on Spotify.

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