CG066: Jingle Bells for Celtic Christmas Greeting Cards on Kickstarter

Here’s another rough cut from my Celtic Christmas Greeting Cards and CD that are now on Kickstarter. Everyone in America, at least, knows “Jingle Bells”. It’s a favorite for kids especially. So I decided to keep the rhythm and mood of it more traditional Christmas than Celtic. Samantha Gillogly add a beautiful fiddle part which brings out the melody even better.

The Celtic Christmas Greeting Cards are still available until November 3rd. Order yours now at

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I was looking at when I could do another solo internet concert. Because of the Louisiana Renaissance Festival, weekends are out.

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CG065: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. Listen to Celtic Christmas Greetings

This is perhaps my favorite Christmas song ever written. Obviously, it’s not a Celtic Christmas song. So to give it that Celtic edge, I had Samantha Gillogly add some brilliant fiddling. The result is sheer perfection.

You can get this and other Celtic Christmas music as part of my Celtic Christmas Greeting Cards that are now on Kickstarter. Go to

CG064: Celtic Christmas Elf. Listen to Celtic Christmas Greeting Cards

This is still one of my favorite Celtic Christmas songs that I’ve written. It captures a little bit of the American Christmas mythos while merging it with the satire and leprechauns of Ireland and the old English recruitment tactic of the 19th century.

You can get this and other Celtic Christmas music as part of my Celtic Christmas Greeting Cards that are now on Kickstarter. Go to

CG063: Christmas in Killarney, Listen to Celtic Christmas Greeting Cards Music

One of my favorite Celtic Christmas songs was made famous by Bing Crosby. It’s a delightful song with a toe-tapping melody. I had Samantha Gillogly give it an even more Irish sound with some fantastic fiddling.

You can get this and other Celtic Christmas music as part of my Celtic Christmas Greeting Cards that are now on Kickstarter. Go to

CG062: Firefly Show, Celtic Music Journal, and Kickstarter

In show #62, I talk about some of the fun things that happened during the Firefly Drinking Songs shows and the excitement for the Celtic Halloween show. I inform you of a new Celtic music YouTube series that has me excited and update you on a new level for the Kickstarter campaign that I hope will Kickstarter the project faster to its goal.

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Deadlines! and more Exciting Happenings

I have some downtime today. Kenzie has a stomach bug. I do too, but mine is MUCH milder than hers. The day I meant to spend promoting my Firefly Drinking Songs concert on Sunday night has instead been spent cuddling an unhappy girl.

And so… I thought I’d offer an update of some news bits that just hit me.

  1. Of course, Firefly Drinking Songs is this Sunday, October, 19th at 7:30 PM CST. You can get your tickets right now to be notified about the event at If you know any Browncoats, please share it with them.
  2. The second early-bird discount deadline is approaching for the 2015 Celtic Invasion of Donegal, Ireland the Giant’s Causeway. Pay half your balance by October 31st and you will secure your spot on the adventure and save a $25 off your fee. Doesn’t sound like much, but with discounts, some of my Invaders are saving a couple hundred dollars. Find out more at
  3. The Patrons of the Arts, aka my music Patreon page, is something I’m very proud of. I’ve been sharing new music almost every week as part of my Song of the Week Challenge. I shared a podcast of Celtic Halloween music from my Google Hangout concert the other night. I’m getting a lot of great comments and feedback. And I’m STILL putting out lots of podcast and video entertainment. You can see why I’m proud of it.The Song of the Week Challenge was set up primarily for patrons who pledge $5+ per month. I’ve made it available to everyone in September and October. The deadline is thus approaching. Starting in November, all of my $1-4 level Patrons will get only one MP3 of the month. It will vary from songs from the Song of the Week Challenge to some random bits that I find. You will still get all of the activity feed updates, but the amount of content will drop. I just want to remind you of that.
  4. Next month, I’ll be off to the Louisiana Renaissance Festival. It’s gonna be a busy time for me. So I will do my best to keep you up-to-date of all the news and happenings.

Thank you as always for being YOU. A music career is hard off enough without awesome people to support me. I am extremely grateful.

Marc Gunn, The Celtfather

Celtic Christmas Greeting Card Cover

Celtic Christmas Greeting Card with Celtic Knotwork Wreath

Ingrid Houwers, sent me the cover for the new Celtic Christmas Greeting Cards, and WOW! She’s outdone herself once again. It’s spectacular. Look at the details and the imagination.

Can you imagine your family and friends getting THAT in the mail? They will LOVE it!

Order you Celtic Christmas Greeting Cards now at

CG061: New Kickstarter for Celtic Christmas Greeting Cards

I just launched a Kickstarter for my next project which is Celtic Christmas Greeting Cards that you can send to your loved ones complete with Celtic Christmas music by Marc Gunn. If you plan to send Christmas cards this year, why not make a pledge and share the gift of music. Go to sponsor the album

Watch the Celtic Halloween Music Special

The Celtic Halloween Music Special was a great success last night. The show was recorded thanks to the generosity of my Patrons of the Arts.

There are currently 19 people donating $178 a month to encourage me to keep making music, podcasts and videos just for you. When we broke the $150 milestone, I said I would record a 30 minute show on Google Hangouts. I did. Though it was over 40 minutes in length. The show will be preserved for all time on my YouTube page.

The video quality is kind of bad at the beginning, but it improves… well, it comes in and out, actually. But it the music is pretty good.

PS. If you become a Patron of the Arts, you can get the entire audio of the show as my free gift to you. Just go to and make a pledge.