Marc Gunn 2015 CD Checklist Updated

I have three new CDs that are now available for the CD of the Month Club. Here ye go:

You can download the complete checklist here: MarcGunnCDChecklist-2015a.

There are no new slots for the CD of the Month Club in February. But  you can still become a Patron.

What is Jonathan Talltale?

I transferred an old, old audio recording that I made in high school. It’s called Jonathan TallTale. It was my tribute to Fibber McGee and Molly. I listen to like two minutes of it, and wow, did my voice sound like that?Somehow I seriously thought I must’ve sped up the cassette tape when I was recording it to my digital recorder. I’ll share it with my Patrons soon.

Irish Lilting (Lyrics)

Lyrics and music by Marc Gunn

Performed by Marc Gunn
From CD: St. Patrick’s Day Songs for Kids

Come all ye young travelers
Come along with me
We’ll sing a song all day long

A diddle-la-diddle-la-dee
OH! A diddle-la-diddle-la-dee
It’s as fun as can be
A diddle-la-diddle-la-dee
Oh! A diddle-la-diddle-la-dee
It’s Irish Lilting

Clap your hands young traveler
Clap along with me
We’ll clap our hands one-two-three

Stomp your feet young traveler
Stomp along with me
We’ll stomp our feet all one-two-three

Tap your head young traveler
Tap your head with me
We’ll tap our heads now one-two-three

Shrug your shoulders young travelers
Shrug your shoulders with me
We’ll shrug our shoulders one-two-three

Rub your belly young travelers
Rub your belly with me
We’ll rub our bellies one-two-three

Flap your arms young traveler
Fly away with me
We’ll flap our arms one-two-three

St Patrick’s Day Songs for Kids Off to Printers

St Patrick's Day Songs for Kids

St. Patrick’s Day Songs for Kids is at long last done and off to the printers. The album officially goes on sale on March 1st, but it’ll be available EXCLUSIVELY through iTunes on February 1st.

Here’s the final track list:

You can download the entire album for free as a member of my Patrons.

Stay tuned. I’ll share the links when they go live!

Find a direct link to the sales page of St. Patrick’s Day Songs for Kids here.

I Love Crunching Nuts (Lyrics)

Lyrics and music by Marc Gunn

Performed by Marc Gunn
From CD: St. Patrick’s Day Songs for Kids

I love crunching nuts.
I love to hear them pop.
I love to watch them fall to the ground.
‘Cause I love crunching nuts.

My wife loves crunching nuts.
She smiles whenever they pop.
We go for walks just to watch the nuts fall
‘Cause we love crunching nuts.

I taught my daughter to crunch nuts.
She laughs whenever they pop.
We can’t wait til the leaves start to fall.
That means it’s time to crunch nuts.

2 Misconceptions About Introverts

I have a quick rant about introversion that was sparked by a person on podcast today. The guest said he was a bad public speaker because he was an introvert. That reminded me of one other misconception someone alluded to last week. Find out more about both misconceptions in this week’s Celtfather podcast.

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And don’t forget to check out Amanda Palmer’s book, The Art of Asking.

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This Week on The Celtfather #6

Return to Texas, Two Weekends Only at Sherwood Forest Faire


In just two weeks, I will be back in Texas for my annual return to the Sherwood Forest Faire. The Sherwood faire is located just outside of Austin and is an award-winning Renaissance festival, having won Best New Renaissance Festival two years in a row in the Renaissance Festival Awards. It’s an awesome and impressive faire on many levels and I am honored to be invited back once again.

The schedule is not yet online. I’ll let you know when I know when I’m playing. But I hope you will join February 7, 8, 14, 15 for a year to remember. Go to for more details.

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Music Marketing 203: Sneaky Way to Make a Living as a Musician

Marc Gunn Studio Setup

Starting in 2000, I published a weekly email called The Bards Crier Music Marketing newsletter. It was one of the most-respected indie music marketing sites online. My goal was to guide musicians on the journey on how to make a living as a musician by documenting my own journey. The newsletter mostly stopped by the time I went full-time in 2005.

In show #5, I want to share some of the amazing music marketing tips I learned on the way. Plus, I have one sneaky tip that I didn’t know back then that will make the journey a wee bit easier.

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This Week on The Celtfather

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Celtic Love for Valentine’s Day

Celtic Love for Valentine's Day

There’s a blog I saw online that said Irish “love” songs were unromantic. That’s a bunch of hogwash by some cynical people who don’t know or appreciate Celtic music. The Celts are some of the most-passionate people in the world. One of the goals of my new compilation CELTIC LOVE is to highlight the beauty and romance of Irish and Scottish songs just in time for Valentine’s Day.

I am pleased to present to you Celtic Love. On this compilation of love songs from my various CDs, you will find some of those truly pragmatic Celtic love songs like “Wild Mountain Thyme“, where the final verse says, “If my true love, she won’t come, I will surely find another”. Or in “Peggy Gordon“, you will hear, “I wish I was in some lonesome valley, where womankind cannot be found.”

However, you’ll also hear some about a woman who runs off with a gypsy with no regrets. There’s “Mairi’s Wedding” which celebrates marriage. And from my own hand, you’ll hear about the love of longing to reunite in “Purple Flower” as well as the passion of falling in love with “When She Held Me In Her Arms“.

This album is a beautiful mix of Celtic love songs that I hope will make your heart smile and swoon… just the sort of music you want for your Celtic Valentine’s Day.

It is a compilation though. Songs come from The Bridge, How America Saved Irish Music, Scottish Songs of Drinking & Rebellion, Irish Drinking Songs: The Cat Lover’s Companion, and Soul of a Harper. There’s also two songs that will be out on a full-length upcoming album.

You can buy Celtic Love on CD Baby right now. It’ll be on iTunes and Amazon in a few days. And should be available on CD by the end of next week as well.

Oh! If you want some more Celtic love songs, check out this video on YouTube. It’s from one of our hit Celtic love episodes of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast.

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling & The Death of Thorin


What do “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling” and the death of Thorin Oakenshield have in common? Find out in the show #4 of The Celtfather podcast.

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This Week on The Celtfather Podcast

What should I theme the next show?

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