Holidays That You’re Not Ready to Celebrate

This morning, I finished the second edit of the Celtic Christmas Greeting album. All of the songs are mixed except one. I’m still waiting for Nathan Deese to send me some added tracks for the “Let’s Have a Celtic Christmas” song, which looks like will be the first song on the album.

I really appreciate your patience with me promoting Christmas before Halloween, and before Thanksgiving for that matter. But if I’m to have the album in time for Christmas, it was a necessity.

Speaking of holidays you’re not ready to celebrate, I started working on St. Patrick’s Day Songs for Kids. That’s the name of an album I hope to release next year. I recorded most of it last St. Patrick’s Day. I’m finally editing it, because I’m creeping up on $300 a month on Patreon. That’s a special gift I’m gonna share when I reach that goal. I’m close.

The album was recorded live during one of my St Patrick’s Day concerts. I can’t wait to get it done. St. Patrick’s Day kids songs is a sorely neglected market. I’d love to have a kids CD too. Though I wish I could play these songs for some kids and see how well they go over. The one kids show  I did in Huntsville this past year, I just don’t remember how engaging the songs were.

Ah well. That’s one of the reasons I want to finish it, so I can find some kids to test out the album on.

Stay tuned for more… And have a Happy Halloween.

Don’t forget to check out my Celtic Halloween show on YouTube.

Celtic Christmas Greetings Track List

Celtic Christmas Greeting Card with Celtic Knotwork Wreath
Here is the current track list and song order for Celtic Christmas Greeting Cards:

  1. Let’s Have a Celtic Christmas  (Rie Sheridan Rose/Marc Gunn)
  2. God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen (Trad.)
  3. Celtic Christmas Elf (Marc Gunn)
  4. Christmas in Scotland (Marc Gunn)
  5. Christmas in Killarney (John Redmond, James Cavanaugh, Frank Weldon)
  6. The Scottish King of Christmas (Marc Gunn)
  7. Jingle Bells (James Lord Pierpont)
  8. Frosty the Irish Snowman (Walter Rollins, Steve Nelson)
  9. Snowfall (Gunn)
  10. Silent Night (Franz Xaver Gruber, Joseph Mohr)
  11. Christmas in the Shire (Nancy Flynn/Marc Gunn)

Musicians: Marc Gunn: autoharp Samantha Gillogly: fiddle, Nathan Deese: whistles, bass, bkg vocals; Christine Krebs: flute.

Singers: Ted Mack (bass), Nancy Flynn, Christine Krebs (tenors), Bernadette Crumb, Jo Lynne Navarre, Ann Brown, Diann Marksberry (altos), Julie Siefke, Amy Johnson, Sharon Claire Mitchell, Christine Krebs (soprano), Jessica Grimwood.

Special thanks to the generosity of Patrons of the Arts at

Changes to the Song of the Week Challenge

I started the Song of the Week Challenge a couple months ago. My original goal was to return to songwriting. I would write a new song every week and share it with my Patrons.

Since starting it, I’ve written several new songs. But at the beginning of October, I remembered I had a Celtic Christmas album to finish. I still shared songs, but I felt I lost a little direction with the Song of the Week Challenge. I’ve come to realize I must adapt to who I am.

I will continue to share a new song every week with my Patrons. However, it will include some changes. Here’s what you might get when you make a pledge and become a Patron of the Arts:

  • An original song by Marc Gunn, written that very week.
  • A song collaboration recorded by me. This could be lyrics by someone else and music by me, or possibly the other way around. It could be a side project too
  • An instrumental song by me
  • A traditional Irish or Scottish song
  • A cover song that I love.

There are many, many possibilities. I do see the Song of the Week Challenge as an opportunity to write more music. I’m gonna continue to focus on that. But when big projects arise, there may be other things that happened. So just be aware.

Thanks again to all my Patrons of the Arts who are helping me to make a living with my art. You can become a Patron for as little as $1 a month. But for $5, the cost of a latte at Starbucks, you’ll get a TON of free music. Go to and show your support.

Celtic Christmas Videos

Yesterday, I setup a page to highlight my Celtic Christmas Video playlists on YouTube. You can now listen to all the songs from my Celtic Christmas compilation CD from last year. You’ll also find episodes of my Celtic Christmas Podcast. And coming soon… I will share my next album Celtic Christmas Greetings along with the greeting cards.

Do you have any favorite Celtic Christmas videos?

Oh! And I’m secretly planning a Celtic Christmas Music Special… Stay tuned!

CG069: Christmas in the Shire from Celtic Christmas Greetings

My friend Nancy Flynn emailed me some Christmas lyrics a couple years ago. We both love JRR Tolkien, The Hobbit, and Lord of the Rings. The lyrics were inspired by A Long Expected Party, a hobbit gathering that happens every few years in Central Kentucky. It’s a magical place and the lyrics do it justice. After returning from this year’s ALEP and recording the song, I realized the song needed one of our famed Hobbit Choirs to join me the chorus. My fellow ALEPers were up to the challenge and recorded the beautiful voices you will hear in this recording.

As with all of these Christmas songs, this one will be on my Celtic Christmas Greeting Cards and CD. I’m currently raising money on Kickstarter to pay for the album and cards. Please show your support and make a pledge at

CG068: Frosty the Irish Snowman from Celtic Christmas Greeting Cards

I’m pleased to share another rough mix of from my Celtic Christmas Greeting Cards. This is a slight modification of “Frosty the Snowman”. There are no substantial changes to the song we all love. But since it doesn’t snow too often in Ireland, I had to take a few creativity licenses. Thanks to Samantha Gillogly who added a bouncy fiddle part to the song as well.

The greeting cards have just six days left until the Kickstarter campaign comes to a close. You support it by making a pledge. Just go to to get yours for this Celtic Christmas season!

CG067: Birthday Wishes, Celtic Halloween, 8 Days Left Celtic Xmas Kickstarter

It was an absolute crazy week with a stomach bug, a tooth pulled, Kenzie’s birthday party, and a family visit. I’m exhausted. There’s no rest for the weary because Celtic Halloween approaches. Then I’m off to the Louisiana Renaissance Festival for 6 weekends. I still have a Celtic Christmas Kickstarter to promote with just 8 days left… and what’s that I want to do? A super secret Christmas music show? I think I must be crazy.

This show is brought to you by YOU, the Patrons of my music. You can become a patron for as little as $1 per month. If I can raise a bunch of money, then I will shoot a Renaissance Festival music special at the faire. Become a Patron at

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