Scheduling is confirmed at Johnny MacCracken’s once a month from now until October in the Non-Smoking section. Funding on Kickstarter and Patreon have reached milestones, so Silver Patrons need to keep their eyes open, and everyone needs to be excited that the first song for Dragons vs. Pirates has been recorded!

Wrapping up with reflections on an unpleasant conversation, political leanings, and most importantly – Respect. We may not agree, but it’s always worth talking it out, listening, and learning.

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Get Your #SaveTheDragon T-Shirt

Save the Dragons shirt

If you’re as passionate about dragons as I am, then you too want to see them protected. That’s why I created the #SaveTheDragons t-shirt as part of my Kickstarter for my album Dragons vs. Pirates. A pledge of just $55 will get you a shirt and a copy of the album. Help me Stop the Killing. Make a pledge on Kickstarter!

New Tour Dates Added to the Calendar


I have a number of new shows confirmed for the coming weeks. You can see my currently up-to-date gig calendar here.

The next show is on Concert Window on Sunday, April 5th.

The following weekend (April 11th) I return to Johnnie MacCracken’s Celtic Pub in Marietta, Georgia. Speaking of MacCracken’s, I am now booked for a monthly show at the pub through October. I’m super excited to say that we will remain in the non-smoking part of the pub!

The weekend of April 18th will bring me back to Colorado for Starfest. It’s not on the calendar yet, but on Sunday, April 19th, I have a house concert scheduled. Please RSVP to me if you want to attend and post a comment on Facebook. This weekend also marks the last weekend you can make a pledge to be an earlier supporter of Dragons vs. Pirates. Expect some drama to arise!

The Friday after that on April 24th, I’m at Panoply Arts Festival in Huntsville, Alabama. I’ll also be doing school days. So I hope to share some of my kids songs as well.

Starting in May, I’m mostly taking a break from gigging outside of the internet. But not entirely, on May 9th, I return to Johnnie MacCracken’s Celtic Pub.

Sunday, May 3rd will have me at home doing the first of possibly several Concert Window performances as we wait for baby Inara to be born. She is due on May 15th.

BTW. If you’re interested, we are registered at Babies R Us and Target.  :)

In June, I’m back in Ireland.

Oh! I just updated my photos page. Are there pics you like or don’t like? Let me know!

Got a question? Post in the comments.

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Updates to My Patreon

I spent the last couple days making a few updates to my Patreon page over at or On

If you’re not yet familiar with it, Patreon is a crowdfunding website which allows fans to support musicians, artists, and more by making a pledge to the creator. Depending on the page, you can make a pledge per project (like with the Patreon site for the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast) or per month like I do for  my personal page up above.

Here’s the new video I recorded:

I just made some new updates to my page including the Milestones and Rewards. If you enjoy all podcasts and videos I do, then this is a great way to support my creativity. And I’m also uploading a new video for my Gold Patrons all about Dragon Eggs.

I’m very proud of this site and what I am accomplishing with your help. So thank you!

The Leprechaun (Lyrics)

lyrics and music by Marc Gunn, also known as “St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun”

Performed by Marc Gunn
From CD: St Patrick’s Day Songs For Kids and Soul of a Harper

There’s a Leprechaun in me head, and I wish that I were dead
For I don’t think he’ll e’er let me be.
Oh, he tempts me with his gold, and if I were e’er so bold,
I’d strangle him and leave him in the street.

* Well, he says to me, “Ah, you’re no Irish Laddie!
And ye call that thing a harp?”
But each time I share the lore that I am learning.
He hides in shame while my friends they chant.

La ta tee, da diddley dee, la ta tee ta tee da
La ta tee, da diddley diddley dai
La ta tee, da diddley dee, la ta tee ta tee da
La ta tee, da diddley diddley dai

There’s a leprechaun in my room. He swats me with a broom.
That’s the reason I forget the words of this song.
Oh, he shows me a four-leaf clover, and before me song is over,
He’s buried it in a bowl of Lucky Charms.

There’s a leprechaun on the floor. He says that I’m a bore.
His eyes begin to glaze, and he starts to yawn.
He lays on down to sleep, but I can see one eye a peepin’.
He’s watching me with envy deep inside.

There’s a leprechaun on a hill, and I know his gold there.
So I grab him by the neck ‘fore he gets away.
The pot’s too heavy, he giggles, so I pinch me just a little,
And he thinks he’s fooled me as I run away.

Do Pirates Taste Better (Lyrics)

lyrics by Shannon Creamer, music traditional “Irish Washerwoman”

People start talking on Facebook. The next thing you know my friend Shannon is filking a filk of “Do Virgins Taste Better“. My plan is to record and release this song on Dragons vs. Pirates IF I reach my first stretch goal on Kickstarter. Will you help?

Performed by Marc Gunn
From CD: Dragons vs. Pirates??? Maybe…

A dragon alit in our crow’s nest today
We’ve asked to leave, but he won’t go away
So we fired upon him and he fired back
Kentucky Fried Parrot is now our new snack

So we tried to ignore him, but there’s a small catch
He’s invited us to enter his own private hatch
Now he’s listing our ship, so we’re forced to agree
Since it’s either his gullet or the cold briny sea

* Do pirates taste better than those who are not?
We know they’re more salty, does that keep them from rot?
Do they slide down more quickly or in teeth do get caught?
Do pirates taste better than those who are not?

Now, we’d like him to go, and many have shoo’d
And the results were they got their butts chewed
Ol’ Peg-Leg Bill was the last to get nicked
And an old wooden leg makes a handy toothpick

Now he wants the appetizers all fresh and all warm
And he wants them arranged, in a pleasant form
He insists on a main course right after the entrée
Is this wyrm taking lessons from Gordon Ramsay?
Now, we’d all like to end this as quickly as can
For there’s one huge terror left for all of the men
And if we don’t swiftly settle this squall
For dessert he’ll have tasty pirate rum balls

Dragons vs. Pirates: Why I Was Shanghaied Revealed


Captain Black Jack Murphy finally pulled me into his cabin to talk about why I was shanghaied and what his plans were for me on Day 4 of my experience. I stuck to my guns though. I wasn’t about to do for me exactly what he wanted without providing some resistance. You’ll hear what I mean in this week’s episode.

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St.Patrick’s Day in Review

After a busy St.Patrick’s Day week, Marc reviews the first few months of the year – making the most of events, refocusing on creating music, and planning for the upcoming year.

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Listen to Sci Fi Drinking Songs

I love performing at Sci Fi conventions. There are many reasons. A lot of Celtic music fans at conventions are also geeks like me. Or Celtic Geeks as I like to call us. I also love the fact that I get to play for audiences who actually WANT to hear my music. That’s a nice change from St. Patrick’s Day here in Birmingham, where everyone just wanted to wear green and get drunk. Drinking songs are SO much more fun when they’re about singing along than getting drunk.

That was the thought that blossomed into my album Sci Fi Drinking Songs. It’s an album that highlights alcohol from the sci fi universes, but it’s also just fun to sing-along with. So I want you to kick back and sing with me.

Here it is, totally uncut and fun for the singing. Buy the full album here.