CG009: Introvert Survival Guide in an Extrovert World

It’s tough being an introvert in an extroverted world. Do you enjoy my music? Are you an introvert or extrovert? How does a musician make a name for oneself as an introvert? These are some of the questions I hope to answer into today’s episode of The Celtic Geek.

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This Week’s Celtic Geek News

CG008: Amazing Celtic T-Shirts

The Celtic Geek (subscribe here) is now completely integrated with SoundCloud. That means as soon as it is uploaded, it goes live in the podcast feed. But it also means if you were looking for detailed shownotes, you’re not gonna find them. SoundCloud feeds don’t allow active URL links. Instead, you will need to go to to find the complete shownotes.

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Celtophilia Tee Company Shirt

Today’s Resource is Celtophilia Tee Company. This company makes hand-printed shirt screen-prints for independent bands. Many of the bands he found through the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. He also prints many of the custom t-shirts that are sold in my Celtic t-shirt store and given away through Song Henge, my fan club. If you support indie artists, like I do, then you want to buy your shirts through Celtophilia.

This Week’s Celtic Geek News


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Sci Fi Drinking Songs – April Update

I just got an email through Kickstarter asking about Sci Fi Drinking Songs. Many people requested copies of the album through the funding of Scottish Songs of Drinking & Rebellion. I told you I hoped to complete it in April. It’s April. And it’s not done. So what gives?

I received almost all of the files for Sci Fi Drinking Songs just last week. I’m just waiting on one final song. That means it’s time to start mixing the album. Or rather, past time. Unfortunately, I haven’t had time to jump on it. I spent much of these past two weeks trying to get Song Henge back in order. I’ve been migrating everyone to a new the site. It’s required a lot of emailing.

That said, I haven’t done any mixing yet. I’m gonna try and jump back on it this week. If you’d like to be on top of the news about the release of the album, then please join my mailing list. Every other week, I will email you with all of my latest news. The second best way to find out what is new is to listen to The Celtic Geek, my new podcast.

Autoharps for Newbies

Last week, I updated my autoharps page for the Autoharp Music Tips website. This page was designed for newbies who want to play auotharp. My goal is to share my top three  suggestions for anyone getting started playing the instrument. I play Oscar Schmidt autoharps. So those are my top recommendations.

It’s tough picking out which autoharps I should share. The trouble is that many of the newer autoharps don’t have a sound that *I* like. But I also know that if you’re just starting out, you will get used to whatever sound you are introduced to. So as long as the body is good, you should be fine. The newer 21-chord autoharps typically have good bodies.

Oscar Schmidt - OS11021FN

As for me, I usually find or buy an autoharp from the late 70s to early 80s. I just got one from a friend in Louisiana. The body is in perfect condition. So my plan is to have Chuck Daniels upgrade it with his custom-action hold down system. That takes away a lot of the clicks that come from the basic OS design.

Anyway, if you’re looking for an autoharp or need any suggestions, just ask or check out my Autoharp Music Tips website.

CG007: Types Of Geeks, Atlanta Concert This Weekend


There are a wide variety geeks in the world. Explore and let me know what your favorite geek fandoms are.


Today’s Celtic Geekiness is all about Ingrid Houwers. Ingrid was the genius designer of my Celtic Cat logo. Yes. It is my official business logo for all my brands–music, podcasts, videos, promotional material. When you see my Celtic Cat, you should think of me. However, it was Ingrid who designed it. She is a brilliant Celtic artist who now lives in Belfast, Ireland. If you think of Ingrid Houwers, think AWESOME! And make sure you check out her website where you can buy her art.

If you have a resource or link suggestion, please email me and let me know.

This Week’s Celtic Geek News


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I want you involved with this podcast. Read the Celtic Geek Manifesto. Then send me your Celtic or Geek recommendations that I can share with the podcast. You can share via email. Then chat with other Celtic Geeks on Google+ and Facebook.

April 12th – An Evening With Marc Gunn in Atlanta, Georgia

Next weekend, I return to Atlanta, Georgia for an exclusive evening of Celtic music and Sci Fi Drinking Songs.

Here are the details:

Join us for food, wine, shopping, and the unique and spirited music of Marc Gunn as he combines his love of Irish drinking songs with fun, twisted lyrics! Enjoy Celtic-style songs about hobbits, cats, kilts, and Star Trek as well as his rhythmic acoustic renditions of traditional Scottish and Irish songs.

There is a $10 cover charge for this event.

Saturday, April 12, 2014
Birdwatcher Supply Company at 7-9:30 PM
1255 Johnson Ferry Road – Marietta, Ga

Find the details in this Facebook event:

Want to hear more music? In fact, there will be more around the city.

Buy a CD, Get a Free Download of the Album

Thor The Dark World

I first saw them last ChristmasDVD + Digital? “What on earth is that?” I thought. Low and behold it was the greatest invention since sliced bread. I love buying DVDs. It’s my guilty pleasure. But I watch almost everything on my iPad or my computer. So I kind of don’t want DVDs that much any more… UNLESS they are combined together.

That’s where it all started. I LOVE this idea. Especially as more and more fans at shows ask me, “Is your music on iTunes?” Um. Yes. But surely you want a CD, right?

Admittedly, I don’t entirely care where you buy my music. I’m just happy when you buy it. But it is nice to see awesome sales at shows, like the one I did at MidSouthCon a couple weekends back. It validates the success of the weekend when I *see* people love my music enough that they want to take it home with them.

I decided I will start doing the same with my CDs. Buy any CD at shows, and I will give you a card to redeem a free download the album through the Celtic Music CD Store. Of course, if you bought any of my albums through the store in the past few months, you knew I was already giving away the ZIPped up album for free with your CD purchase. But I am just now making this publicly available and known.

Now I know there are a LOT of iTunes fans out there. So I’m also working on an option that for five bucks more you can also get a copy through iTunes.

Thank you SO Much for your continued support of my music.

Marc Gunn, The Celtfather

Autoharp Books, DVDs and Videos

Today, I made an update to my exclusive resource for autoharp books, DVDs, and videos. The webpage is now updated.

Oscar Schmidt - OS11021FN

Years ago, I started the Autoharp Music Tips website for a few reasons. One, there are a lot of fans who were inspired by me to play the autoharp. I thought I could provide info on how to get started. Second, I couldn’t find a website doing the same thing… a free resource for autoharpers.

I don’t update it nearly as much as I would like to, but it’s an extremely valuable resource. Today, I made the first update in a long while to the autoharp books page. I’m gonna try and make additional updates in the weeks to come. So if you’re looking for some great autoharp resources, check it out.

Oh! There’s also a link to a free autoharp eBook at the bottom of the page.

Hmm. That’s what I should make a free autoharp book or eBook… With all my free time I have! ;-P

CG006: Beware the Physical + Digital Revolution


Right before Christmas last, I saw the coolest thing. Films were packaging DVDs along with digital download codes so you could enjoy movies in multiple formats. How awesome is that!? It got me thinking about how I can do the same with CDs… and books… Let me offer some cool insights.

The original #selfie !

Today’s Celtic Geekiness is a song called “Gotham’s Finest”. It’s by the Denver Celtic Geek band, The Stubby Shillelaghs, from their CD Celtic-American. In addition to being a Celtic Geek song, 25% of the proceeds from that song are being donated to the Children’s Miracle Network of Hospitals. You can buy the MP3 through my affiliates. This will support the network, the band and this podcast.


If you have a resource or link suggestion, please email me and let me know.

This Week’s Celtic Geek News

Beautiful afternoon in a field of wildflowers with my love.

Not only did I enjoy a fun show this weekend, but we also stopped at the beach and then at a field of wildflowers on our way home.

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