Humble Return to Twitter

Yes. I still hate Twitter. But over the last month, I finally found an awesome use for it… talking to people.

I heard everyone mention chatting on Twitter, but it’s such a useless medium for any real communication. However, if you want to reach someone fast, they’re usually on Twitter. They frequently respond. Or if they don’t, I guess I just don’t care.

Let me better explain. A couple weeks ago, I wanted to get a band on the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. I emailed. I had no response. So I Tweeted. In a matter of hours, they got back to me and boom, they submitted to the podcast.

The other thing I like about it is that email is overwhelming. Mine is fairly well-organized these days, but when I get long emails, and most are long, it’s tough getting down to the nitty gritty and responding to the main point that needs it. I love that.

I’m very results-oriented. I like to cross things off my fragmented list, but I still have 250 emails sitting unresolved in my main inbox.

With Twitter, I can get stuff done easily. Maybe if people realize I’ve returned, I’ll get overwhelmed once again and hate it more. But for now it works.

Oh. That said, I still barely look at my feed. Oh well.

You can find me at

CG075: Jared Billeaud Interview for Reavers, Malcolm, Reavers

I got to chat with Jared Billeaud, one of the drummers and singers with the Whiskey Bay Rovers. He also came up with the original idea for the song “Reavers, Malcolm, Reavers” that went on my CD, “Sci Fi Drinking Songs”. We talked a wee bit about how he got started with music and the song.

You can find Sci Fi Drinking Songs here.

Celtic Christmas Greeting Cards

I got a notice yesterday that the Celtic Christmas Greeting Cards are being shipped to my house now. That means they should be there when I get back home on Monday. So it’s time to make the greeting cards officially available for sale. Place your order at

Please note that individual CDs are not yet on sale. Only bulk orders of 10 or more. The individual CDs will go on sale in another week or more.

Best Irish Folk Songs

I recently polled my Celtic music-loving fans about their pick of the Best Irish Folk Songs ever. Here’s what they came up with along with links to some of the Irish song lyrics that I have available.

Top 15 Best Irish Folk Songs

The first twelve were the most-popular songs suggested by my Celtic music fans.

  1. Wild Mountain Thyme
  2. Bold Fenian Men
  3. Old Dun Cow
  4. Star of the County Down
  5. Wild Rover
  6. Danny Boy
  7. Galway Shawl
  8. I Am Stretched on Your Grave
  9. Irish Rover
  10. Rattlin’ Bog
  11. The Unicorn Song
  12. Whiskey in the Jar
  13. Black Velvet Band
  14. Rocky Road to Dublin
  15. The Parting Glass


The Rest of the Best Irish Folk Songs

These are the rest of the Irish folk songs that people love.

  1. A Stór Mo Chroí.
  2. Caledonia
  3. Carrickfergus
  4. Molly Malone (Cockles and Mussels)
  5. Fiddler’s Green
  6. Finnegan’s Wake
  7. Flower of Kilkenny
  8. Four Green Fields
  9. From Clare to Here
  10. Green Grow the Rashes
  11. Health to the Company
  12. Hero of Canton
  13. I’ll Tell My Ma
  14. Irish Ballad
  15. Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye
  16. Kilkelly Ireland
  17. Lanigans Ball
  18. Long Black Veil
  19. Moorlough Shore
  20. Mountain Dew
  21. Mountains of Mourne
  22. Old Fenian Gun
  23. Old Woman of Wexford
  24. Orange and the Green
  25. Óró Sé Do Beatha ‘Bhaile
  26. Paddy’s Green Shamrock Shore
  27. Raglan Road
  28. Raggle Taggle Gypsy
  29. Red Haired Mary
  30. Red Is the Rose
  31. Ride On
  32. Scarborough Faire
  33. Sea Captain
  34. Sheebeg Sheemor
  35. Spancil Hill
  36. The Butcher Boy
  37. The Colleen Dhoun
  38. The Foggy Dew
  39. The Hare’s Lament
  40. The Little Beggar Man
  41. The Minstrel Boy
  42. The Rose of Tralee
  43. There Were Roses
  44. Who Threw the Overalls in Mrs Murphy’s Chowder
  45. Widow and the Devil

Do you have any favorite Irish songs that you think should be on this list?

If you’re looking for the Best Irish Drinking Songs, check out this album on iTunes or Amazon.

Marc Gunn - Best Irish Drinking Songs

Let’s Have a Celtic Christmas (Lyrics)

lyrics Rie Sheridan Rose, music Marc Gunn
A song celebrating Celtic Christmas traditions

Performed by Marc Gunn
From CD: Celtic Christmas Greetings

The Holly, ivy, mistletoe…
The yew branch on the wall
All of these have Celtic roots—
We celebrate them all.

A candle in the window
To call the traveler home
A symbol of trad-ition
Wherever we may roam.

Celtic Christmas Greeting Card with Celtic Knotwork Wreath*The year is almost over,
Christmas is nearly here.
It’s time for celebration,
Let’s raise a glass, my dear—

The year is almost over,
Christmas is nearly here.
Let’s make a new tradition
And share our Celtic cheer!

The Yule log in the fire place
The new lit from the old
It burns for all the evening
And brings on luck foretold.

Decorations on a Yule tree,
The way we often do
Bright stars upon the pine boughs
Yes, that was Celtic too.

And even Father Christmas,
Our modern Santa Claus,
Was once a Celtic fellow—
Now, does that give you pause?

So hang a wreath upon your door
And set the Guinness out.
Let’s have a Celtic Christmas
That’s what it’s all about!


Background: As I was working on my album, Celtic Christmas Greetings, I realized I needed another good Celtic Christmas song. I thought it would be extra cool if it celebrated the actual traditions of the Celts that are currently in existence, not just the ones that are becoming a part of the tradition. Nothing was coming to me, so I emailed my friend, author and lyricist, Rie Sheridan Rose if she could help. She sent me these fantastic lyrics that I set to music. I think it perfectly captures our Celtic Christmas traditions! You can find all of the lyrics to the album here.

Find some Scottish Christmas traditions here.


You Need a Celtic Geek T-Shirt. I Need Reviews.

From now until the end of November, I want you to review my podcasts and cds on iTunes and Amazon. Each time you post a review, you will be entered into a drawing to win a free Celtic Geek t-shirt.

– I welcome your honest feedback with all of your reviews. No need to give 5 stars unless you love it. And I hope you do.
– Only reviews on iTunes or Amazon are accepted
– Reviews don’t have to be long either. It can be just one or two simple sentences.
– Your reviews must be dated in November to be accepted.
– When you are done with your reviews, you can email me which item your reviewed and where it was submitted to insure entry in the drawing.
– Put “Celtic Geek Contest” in the subject.

Need help writing “reviews”? Answer some of these questions:

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4. What do you love best about the album or podcast?
5. What songs or episodes of the album or podcasts do you recommend to your friends?

Podcasts you can review include: The Celtic Geek, Irish & Celtic Music Podcast, Celtic Christmas Podcast.

You can review all of my CDs, as well as the compilations by my podcasts. Find a complete list at

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Remember. This contest is for the month of November only. So get your reviews in. You only have about two weeks to go!


Isn’t It Grand, Boys, to Be Walking Undead (lyrics)

Isn’t It Grand, Boys, to Be Walking Undead
parody of “Isn’t It Grand, Boys
lyrics by Cathy Dailey, music traditional

Performed by Marc Gunn
From CD: Sci Fi Drinking Songs

Look at the corpses, bloated and rotting
Isn’t it grand boys to be walking undead? (brains, Brains, BRAINS!)

No time for praying
Just time for a bloody last cry
And always remember the slower you run,
The sooner you’ll bloody well die

Look at the people, screaming in terror
Isn’t it grand boys to be walking undead? (brains, Brains, BRAINS!)

Look at the preacher, feasting on choir boys (nothing new)
Isn’t it grand boys to be walking undead? (brains, Brains, BRAINS!)

Look at the widow, she’s next on the menu
Isn’t it grand boys to be walking undead? (brains, Brains, BRAINS!)

Look at the flowers, crushed under molded feet
Isn’t it grand boys to be walking undead? (brains, Brains, BRAINS!)

Look at the whiskey, let’s down the whole barrel
Then it’s so grand boys to go hunting undead (brains, Brains, BRAINS!)

Look at the tombstone, see how it’s shifting
Up comes the hands of another undead (brains, Brains, BRAINS!)


Background: I love it when people send me song lyrics. My good friend, Cathy Dailey, knew I played the traditional Irish song, “Isn’t It Grand, Boys“. She wrote a parody all about zombies. It’s barrel of dead zombie fun to sing!

CG073: Celtic Christmas Show, Win a Celtic Geek Shirt

I am happy to announce a Celtic Christmas Show was officially sponsored by my Patrons. Can I pull it off in time for Christmas?

Meanwhile, you can win something cool if you help me get reviews of this podcast.

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