Pirates vs. Dragons: A Steampunk Adventure Journal eBook by Rie Sheridan Rose, Marc Gunn


I am finally ready to share the horrors I endured under the evil villain, Captain Black Jack Murphy. For over two months, I was held captive by the notorious air pirate, forced to help him hunt dragons to steal their gold. It was a difficult time of my life. I survived only with the hope that I would one day see my family again.

And of course, I did. It took a few years for me to overcome the trauma of my imprisonment. Fortunately, I kept a journal of my time with Murphy. With the help of Rie Sheridan Rose, I pieced together all of those scraps of paper I saved into an eBook that tells the riveting tale of my time away. And even why you may never have noticed…

The journal will be officially released on Wednesday, May 4, 2016 (May the Fourth be with you). It only costs 99 cents, and it will bring you up-to-date as to why my next album, Pirates vs. Dragons, seems to be about dragon hunting by air pirates. Or is it?

Please read the story. Then follow my adventures in the Pirates vs. Dragons podcast. The story isn't over yet!

There is a universal truth about pirates:
They Hunt Treasure and they rob anyone to get it.

There is a universal truth about dragons:
They hoard treasure and they let no one steal it.

I was shanghaied by Black Jack Murphy and his crew on the airship the Lady Jean. They wanted me to chronicle their dragon hunts in song. Little did Murphy know. My sympathies lie on the side of the dragons.

This journal, and the resulting CD, tells the true story of Pirates vs Dragons.

Look for Dragons vs. Pirates CD out in March 2016.