Ren Fest Podcast Compilation CD Cover

Here it is! I got the cover for the Renaissance Festival Podcast‘s new compilation CD. It features photography by Chip Talbert, Kimberly Stockton as Elizabeth I and graphic design by the amazing, hard-working and generous, James McDaniel II. Thank you!!!!!! (Ain’t that purty!)

Notes about the Louisiana Renaissance Festival

Oh! I was just reminded of a couple of corrections I need to point out if you plan to come see us at the Louisiana Renaissance Festival. If you’ve checked the faire’s schedule, you’ll note it differs a bit from the schedule on our website. The times are the same, but the acts are not. […]

Singin’ in the Rain DVD

I finally got around to watching the special edition of “Singin’ in the Rain” that I got from Amazon this summer. It’s beautifully delicious. But as I watch it, for some reason, I’m jonesing to make a music video for some song. I don’t know why. But it really started after watching the special edition […]

Renaissance Festival Podcast, Vol. 1 – Compilation CD

The Renaissance Festival Podcast is a free, bi-monthly, downloadable radio show of Renaissance festival entertainment. It is hosted by Marc Gunn and Kristen Roger, and produced Joe Haydu and Marc Gunn, the show features music and entertainment from around the world. Now we are proud to announce our latest compilation CD. This album benefits the […]

Froggie Went A-Courtin’ MP3

I learned this song from my dad. These are the lyrics he used to sing to me as a kid. I think he learned it from The Brothers Four. It was always a favorite song, which is why I recorded it for my CD, “A Tribute to Love”. “Froggie Went A-Courtin’”Listen: LoFiRecorded by Marc GunnFrom: […]

Renaissance Festival Podcast Compilation

Alrighty, I have the latest arrangement of tracks for the upcoming Renaissance Festival Podcast compilation CD. It features 24 tracks of great Renaissance festival music! That is 78 minutes of music. Wow! Track Listing:1. Fugli – Crazy Leo’s Indulgences2. Bedlam Bards – Bedlam Boys / Bear Dance3. Bramblebush – Mary Mac4. Bocca Musica – Nancy5. […]

NEW SONG: “Of Twilight Shores and Heroes’ Death”

My new song is now named. I had a tough time coming up with the name for this tune. The final name is “Of Twilight Shores and Heroes’ Death”. Thank you for listening and voting for your favorite name. Give it another listen and I hope you enjoy it. I was excited it also climbed […]

Shamanic Journey

Growing up, I always felt that I was wise beyond my age. But over the last five years, maybe even ten, I feel like my age has surpassed my wisdom. I’m not sure why I mention it. But tonight, I was invited to a Shamanic Meetup by a friend. I had no Halloween plans and […]