Do Virgins Taste Better….no, but pizza does…..

We get ALL kinds of funny stories that revolve around one of our most popular songs, “Do Virgins Taste Better Medley” from our hit Renaissance Festival CD, A Faire To Remember. Recently, I heard this one from Magdalene A story from faire a few years ago. I’m being a little raggedy peasant wench. On the […]

Ever Hopeful, More Often Hurting

by Marc Gunn, October 25, 2004 A few weeks back, I had an interesting look at love and the reasons behind some of my past relationships. Ever hopeful, More often hurting. As a child I gave friendship and love with fervor; Only to see it closed behind a cold door. My fraternal love was scoffed, […]

Cat Mystery of the Opposable Thumb

I picked up the scooper and emptied the litterbox into the trash can. It was now clean for use. I then placed the trash can back under the sink, making sure the baby locks would keep out my little tykes. All was good. Then I saw him. Once again, Torre, my grey tabby cat, seemed […]

Happily Ever After Free Music Download

The search for great free music downloads continues. Well, this week I released another free mp3 from the Brobdingnagian Bards next CD, “Brobdingnagian Fairy Tales. The CD is still in production but blossoming beautifully! I wrote “Happily Ever After,” man, I’ve lost track of time. It was some time in 1999 when I wrote it. […]

Middle Earth Quivers

by Marc Gunn, November 4, 2004 Inspired in part by the Lord of the Rings, this poem is a vision of hope for all who feel oppressed by forces they cannot control. There is always hope. The sun is still unseen, Yet at hand, A warm mist still hovers over the land, While all of […]

The Mouse & The Kiss

by Marc Gunn, October 15, 2004 I’ve been in a romantic poetry writing mood of recent. I wrote this late after performing at the Texas Renaissance Festival. She glided beneath the stars Silent and serene Like a ghost across the Field of wheat. It glowed a dark yellow, Her skin a pale white. She smiled […]

Continue The Quest

by Marc Gunn, October 15, 2004 I’ve been dreaming of elves of recent. They inspired this poem of elves and forests among the hills. I saw a nymph on a hillside Standing in a field of red poppy. Her fair skin glowed bright in the sunlight. She turned, and I caught her eye. She gazed […]

Open Hearts & Open Communities

This weekend, I realized something about myself that’s taken me years to understand. It started Saturday evening. Andrew and I stay at a friend’s house in Tomball. When faire is over, we can either head back to Tomball immediately or stick around, visit with friends, go to parties or whatnot. For me, that’s what it’s […]