Live For Another Day

by Marc Gunn, August 22, 2004 Breaking up is difficult. But learning to forgive one’s self is even more difficult, and it’s never easy to break the cycle, heal, and move on. Bathing in self-induced depression. Longing for natural love. Wondering if I gave it up. Hoping I’ll soon recover. Praying I will heal quickly. […]

Kitty Cat (Lyrics, parody of Mari Mac)

Lyrics by Pam Owens, June 7, 2004 I started playing with this in my head after I sent you the joking list of songs last night for your new “Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers” album! I know it’s pretty strange! Comes from 27 years of being an alcohol and drug counselor. Now I have […]

Black Is the Color (of My Cat’s Fur)

by Marc Gunn, Bard 6/30/2004 A Celtic love ballad based on the Celtic folk song “Black Is the Color” for my “Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers” CD… or is it? One thing I love about this project is following the theme of the songs I’m parodying. This, like the original, turns from a simple […]

The Bridge (Lyrics)

Lyrics and music Marc Gunn, 2000 Performed by Marc Gunn From: The Bridge Was it something I said that made you angry with me, Made you dig a deep river to keep you from me? Oh, the water is rushing, come to sweep me away ‘Less I die of sorrow, I will cross it today. I would […]

Liquid Sunshine (Lyrics)

Lyrics and music by Marc Gunn Performed by Marc Gunn From: The Bridge A field of lavender I gaze With the wind and the morning haze The wind blows soft my hair With the fragrance of the morning air Gently I stroke your cheek A tender touch of electricity And the petals glow soft on your face […]