Musical Ignorance

by Marc Gunn, Sept 12, 2004 I was contacted by a musician recently who’s narrow-minded opinions sparked this. Musical ignorance You’re afraid to listen, learn, and enjoy something new. You judge music instead of learning from it. You profess your musical superiority While children play crop circles around your arrogance. Your creativity extends to the […]

Angels and Demons In Motion

by Marc Gunn, Sept 15, 2004 There was live music out behind the Texas Union that inspired this wee poem. Angels and demons in motion, Waves of electric guitar And erratic breathes of moist air. Song after song in pointless repetition While people ebb in time. An angel rubs her eye. Gold Hispanic skin in […]

Uncontrollably Charmed (Lyrics)

by Marc Gunn, July 1998 I wrote this poem several years ago inspired in part by love of Dungeons & Dragons and in part by my young, passionate view of love. Throw back your neck for the vampire. The sire will drain you of your needs. He’ll bleed away some grand design That you were […]

Climb the Fence

by Marc Gunn, September 9, 2004 I was watching Il Postino yesterday and found myself inspired by the movie and recent thoughts on travel and Italy. It yielded this poem. The sea, the stars, the sky, The earth, the sand, The world is a metaphor For something else, And that ‘something else’ Is a metaphor […]

Italy Escapes

I was trying to think this evening, what is it I love so much about Italy. Sure, there are the obvious answers, like It’s ITALY! But that doesn’t quite explain it all, especially knowing I’m co-dependent and that one my reasons is to escape. I’ve been an escapist all my life. I can’t think of […]

Soliloquy from Julius Caesar’s Salad

by Marc Gunn, Fall 1987 I wrote this in the 10th grade for a class project while studying Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar. It comes from the voice of Mark Anthony after he finds Julius Caesar recently killed and in a salad. O, pardon me, thou bleeding piece of poultry, That I am meek and gentle […]

Door Refinishing in Houston

The Door Refinishing Company in Houston – Houston Door Refinishing The Door Refinishing Co. Inc. is a family owned and operated business. We have been happily servicing the greater Houston area since 1995, and are dedicated to being on time, honest, and up front about our services. Door refinishing in Houston is almost a necessity. […]

Sadness Is My Inspiration

by Marc Gunn, August 22, 2004 It is still possible to find peace of mind even when you breakup with someone you can care for greatly as shown by this brief poem of reflection. Sadness is my inspiration. Shame is my quill. Guilt is my parchment. Remorse is the ink I spilled. But love is […]

Live For Another Day

by Marc Gunn, August 22, 2004 Breaking up is difficult. But learning to forgive one’s self is even more difficult, and it’s never easy to break the cycle, heal, and move on. Bathing in self-induced depression. Longing for natural love. Wondering if I gave it up. Hoping I’ll soon recover. Praying I will heal quickly. […]