Blue Sun (Lyrics)

Lyrics and Music by Marc Gunn
Date written – unknown; Refound June 28, 2014

Performed by Marc Gunn
From CD: TBA

They terraformed the lands of many fine worlds
Then bloodied our hands with our boys and our girls
They offered us cans of food that curdled
And piled on chains by the ton.

* Blue Sun. Blue Sun.
Another corporation
With their hand on the gun
Blue Sun. Blue Sun.
Free yourself to run
From Blue Sun

You see their emblem emblazoned on crates
On walls, on wombs, even on your dates
You may fall victim to their seductive gaze
So raise up your hands to shun

Their manacles we'll cast off our tired wrists.
Their suits we'll pummel with our bloodied fists
Cut through the red tape and expunge the vile cyst
That cripples our will to run

So raise up your voice and shout to the firm
Let those who control know what it feels like to squirm
Their products we won't buy, but oh they shall burn
For this is their will undone

Key F

[C]They terraformed the lands of many fine worlds
Then [Am]bloodied our hands with our [Bb]boys and our [C]girls
They [F]offered us cans of [C]food that curdled
And [Bb]piled on chains by the [C]ton.

Blue [F]Sun. Blue [C]Sun.
Another [Bb]corporation
Intent on no [C]fun
Blue [F]Sun. Blue [C]Sun.
[Bb]Free yourself to [C]run
From Blue [F]Sun


This song was written as a protest song against corporations, in particular, Blue Sun from the Firefly verse. My gut tells me that Joss Whedon had some devious plans for this corporation that were never developed in the TV series. I decided to write not only a traditional style protest song, but also to make it a fun sing-along. I can hear some great harmonies and call and responses for this song. With any luck, I can develop those for the final recording. Right now, I don't have an album that this song would fit on, except perhaps, a Brobdingnagian Bards album. So I'm gonna also send it to Andrew and see what he thinks about it.

Patrons of my music can download the first recording of this song.