Breakfast with the Celtfather in Ireland: Celtic Invasion of Donegal 2015

Well, we've reached Donegal, and are currently enjoying our stay in a cottage by Mt.Charles!

Though I'd initially intended to put out more podcasts during the trip, but because I'm enjoying putting more production into each one, several of them will probably be posted after the trip. There are only so many hours in the day, and when on vacation, they should be spent having fun!

This idea was reflected by all of us, as we enjoyed a lazy morning (resting up from so much vacation!) at the cottage. While there are a lot of merits to bus tours and CID trips, there are also a lot of cons that come along with those. Primarily, you don't have any say in the itinerary, and you're rushing about to see as many things as possible. That works for some folks, but our group is very happy to take it a little easier, and to enjoy the sites.

This morning, I cooked up breakfast for the crew – potentially one of my favourite parts of Celtic Invasion Vacations, giving us a nice, quiet start to the day, along with some fun!

This afternoon, we're heading off to visit a national park and castle, deep inside Donegal, followed by an evening at Leo's Tavern!

Doe Castle in northern Donegal, Ireland. Wish you were here!

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