Breastfed was an Avant, Quark Rock band characterized by well-arranged songs using odd timings, grooving rhythms, hard-edged attacks and fiersome melodic vocals.

  • Ichabod sang
  • Tavis sang backup and played guitar
  • Neal paraded on drums, and
  • Peg pedaled the bass support.

Breastfed started out to be promising band. I conceived an idea of hard-rocking music that included numerous time changes, starts and stops. I played the guitar and Peg started in on bass.

Peg was/is one of those die-hard musicians that I pray will one day make the grade. She will stop at nothing to keep trying. Lock her in with a good group and she'll work magic. Played bass with Breastfed and was a solid bassist. In addition, she wrote some amazing bass lines that I had a blast working with.

Neal came on the scene originally as a jazz-traine drummer. He joined us for first gig, not planning to stick around, but over the winter holidays, we grabbed a guitarist–“Black-eyed” Billy–and Neal decided to invest himself into the band. And when Billy didn't work out, he brought in Tavis.

Tavis is an amazing guitarist. I respect him on that level. But he wanted a band of his own. I won't blame him at all, but somewhere along the way our conflicting personalities led at least me to distress. We recorded a six-song demo in August, 1997. But had money only to mix four of them. So we did. Yielding our first demo Breastfed. After the recording, Tavis started playing solo more to pay his bills. I used him as an inspiration and picked up my autoharp to try some solo stuff as well. In October, we played our last show at the Rio Grande Coffee House and went our separate ways. At least we got to record an pretty good album: Breastfed

  1. Rhapsody In Ritalin
  2. Fresh
  3. Numb
  4. Razed
  5. Nervous
  6. Worth A Billion

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