Bridget’s Prayer (Lyrics)

lyrics by Jamie Haeuser, music by Marc Gunn

Performed by Marc Gunn
From CD: How America Saved Irish Music

Oh, Michael, please don’t go today
You’re shakin’ like a leaf
We will make do, o stor, maron
We will make do somehow
I’ve washing in, I can do more
Just don’t go back, I pray
It’s death my darlin’ one, I know
It’s death in that new canal

I pray, in holy Bridget’s name
I pray, God help us all

My babies need their father here
My babies need you so
Please don’t go back, I know that you
Will fall if go you do
I can find work, I’ll sew and wash
‘Till bloody my fingers are
Just don’t go back, oh, stor maron
It’s death in that new canal

Oh, Michael love, I cannot live
Without you, dearest heart
Find other work, I care not what
Find anything but that
I cannot stand to see you fall
Like our friends before have done
Too many widows made too young
It’s death in that new canal