Browncoat Baby (Lyrics)

Lyrics and Music by Marc Gunn

Performed by Marc Gunn
From CD: As Long As I'm Flyin'

Browncoat baby
In your daddy's arms
Wearing your Jayne's hat
With all of Kaylee's charm
I wonder what in life
You might be
And the choices you decide
Or disagree

Browncoat baby
As I watch you grow big
Will you be like Malcolm
Or River dance a wild jig
Will you be a doctor
Just like Simon Tam
Or perhaps you'll learn to pilot
Your own pram

Browncoat baby
Will your life be full and fun?
Will you follow Shephard Book
And embrace religion
I see you stacking up those blocks
Perhaps an engineer
Or the way you move those rocks, you'll
Work on a pier

Browncoat baby
You're my inspiration
I wanna build you
A Firefly nation
See you soar like an albatross
So wild and free
And watch you return to land
Home safe with me.

Browncoat baby
You are perfect to me
Just like a companion
With her tea ceremony
You've the brawn as well as the brains
Just like Zoe
You're the ship that keeps on flyin'


It seemed like there were a lot of babies wearing Jayne's hats this year at DragonCon. The song idea that came was called Browncoat Baby.

Last night, as part of my Song of the Week, I sat down to write a song. I picked this theme. After spending 30-40 minutes wasting time and procrastinating writing, I finally started strumming my autoharp to pick a rhythm and some chords for a song. I started singing and lyrics started flowing.

Once I had a melody, I sat down with pen and paper and wrote out actual lyrics for this song. It got me thinking about a recent discussion Gwen and I were having about what we want for Kenzie. What's important to us? And what would a Browncoat family want for their child too. Thus, was born the song.

It's pretty, laid back, and feels a bit different for other songs I write if for no other reason, there's a vocal sustain. I realize I usually sing a lot of short notes, not ones that I hold. So this stands out.

I'd love your thoughts on the song.

As always, this is a fairly rough cut. I recorded it about 10 times to get it like I wanted, but if anything stands out as odd or weird, I'd be happy to hear it.

Patrons of my music can download the entire album right now!

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