Buy Me A Drink, Today! (Lyrics)

by Marc Gunn, May 25, 2005

I heard a story on NPR how Britain was to get rid of the happy hour to cut down on binge drinking. This drinking song was inspired by that story, but it also follows the plight of another poor soul who doesn't have the money enough to buy a pint. So he befriends some sap at the local pub to buy him one, two, three, four and more pints for his own binge drinking.

Buy me a drink… today,
And I will go away.
I won't bother you until tomorrow.
Well, I need one pint of beer
To fill my heart with cheer,
And help me forget all my sorrows.

The job has got me low
And I feel I'm growing old
With every minute spent under the hammer.
So I'm glad I found you here
With a wallet to buy me beer
If you'll please excuse my open candor.

My money is all but spent
On my wife and high rent.
But Andrew over there will vouch for me.
I don't bum too much ale
Cuz it makes my poor head sail
So buy a beer for Andrew cuz he doesn't drink [I'll drink his]

Just one last beer, at most.
Oh! Look another a toast!
Okay, one more round and “Slainte!” will follow
Let's raise our pints as one.
Until your money is gone
Then I'll be back to beg for beer tomorrow.