Cat Songs

Dubliners Tabby Cats - Cat Songs

I quietly posted a new EP called Cat Songs a couple weeks back.  I did it quietly because you may already own these songs.  All four songs on the EP come from three different CDs.  There are two songs from Kilted For Her Pleasure, one tune from The Bridge, and one song from A Tribute to Love.  It is the last of these albums that I decided to write about it.

A Tribute to Love is no longer available (under my name, at least).  Even if you were able to get a copy of it and are a cat lover, you still may've missed the cat song from that CD.  It was called “Tiziano Gunn”.  It is a loving tribute to my boy Tizi.

If you don't own a copy, check out the EP on iTunes or Amazon.  If you haven't joined the Cat Drinking Songs fan club, do so here.