Finding My Heart’s Ease (Album Review)

by Beth Hansen-Buth   Tonight is a time for me to sit in my room with kitties, to relax and to meditate. I don’t do this often enough anymore, it used to be more of a habit in the evening after dinner to take some time to be quiet. Quiet is my soul’s food. With […]

Firefly Drinking Songs Interview on The Signal Podcast

A couple weeks back, Cedric of the Bedlam Bards and I joined Les Howard on The Signal Podcast.  We recorded an interview for our upcoming album Firefly Drinking Songs.  If you were ever wondering where this idea came from, how it developed, who we are, why were playing together, don’t miss this interview.  It was […]

Marc Gunn Interviewed by Olde Haint Press

Back in October, I was approached by Olde Haint Press to do an interview. I finally found some time to respond to the questions. And the interview is now online. Olde Haint Press (OHP) is a sort of outsider publication; an obscure publication for an esoteric few. It is run by Teddy Horse, who also […]

Feature in the Indie Band Survival Guide

I got word that the Indie Band Survival Guide has the presses. Last year, Andrew and I interviewed with music marketing tips for the guide. The book was written by members of the Beatnik Turtle, a cool geek pop band out of Chicago. Originally published at Marc Gunn .com. Read. Interact. Breathe. It’s easy; it’s […]