Cat Mystery of the Opposable Thumb

I picked up the scooper and emptied the litterbox into the trash can. It was now clean for use. I then placed the trash can back under the sink, making sure the baby locks would keep out my little tykes. All was good. Then I saw him. Once again, Torre, my grey tabby cat, seemed […]

Happily Ever After Free Music Download

The search for great free music downloads continues. Well, this week I released another free mp3 from the Brobdingnagian Bards next CD, “Brobdingnagian Fairy Tales. The CD is still in production but blossoming beautifully! I wrote “Happily Ever After,” man, I’ve lost track of time. It was some time in 1999 when I wrote it. […]

Open Hearts & Open Communities

This weekend, I realized something about myself that’s taken me years to understand. It started Saturday evening. Andrew and I stay at a friend’s house in Tomball. When faire is over, we can either head back to Tomball immediately or stick around, visit with friends, go to parties or whatnot. For me, that’s what it’s […]

Trees of the Veneto

Trees of the Veneto

A couple years ago, I was driving around the back roads of the Veneto in Italy and took a marvelous photo of some of the trees. The trees out of the area have a very unique look to them. During WWII, Italians cut off the top limbs to use for firewood. But they left a […]

Italy Escapes

I was trying to think this evening, what is it I love so much about Italy. Sure, there are the obvious answers, like It’s ITALY! But that doesn’t quite explain it all, especially knowing I’m co-dependent and that one my reasons is to escape. I’ve been an escapist all my life. I can’t think of […]

Door Refinishing in Houston

The Door Refinishing Company in Houston – Houston Door Refinishing The Door Refinishing Co. Inc. is a family owned and operated business. We have been happily servicing the greater Houston area since 1995, and are dedicated to being on time, honest, and up front about our services. Door refinishing in Houston is almost a necessity. […]