Celtfather: Rebel Songs, Show in Georgia, Browncoat News

Celtfather: Rebel Songs, Show in Georgia, Browncoat News

Even with sick girls at home, I have lots of amazing plans for the coming months. I made a new work schedule last week. I will release new Marc Gunn content every Tuesday. This will include new songs, videos, Pub Songs Podcasts, and newly branded Celtfather Music & Travel podcast. There’s a lot to come. Performing […]

October Pledge Drive and CD Sale

October Pledge Drive and CD Sale

After publishing my recent blog “Patronage in the 21st Century“, I realized not everyone who enjoys my music realizes how crucial patronage is in this day and age. That’s why I decided that October is my Patron Pledge Drive month. My goal is to raise awareness for Patreon by giving you lots of free content. I […]

Newsletter: Good Adventures, Best of Marc Gunn

Greetings Gunn Runner I’m sure everyone north of Alabama dug their heals into the ground to prepare for Snowzilla. However, my family loves snow. And we love a good adventure. So on Saturday, we drove up I-65 to Columbia, Tennessee. We stopped at a hardware store and bought some trash can lids. Then we drove […]

Newsletter:  Happy New Year Wishes and Goals!

Newsletter: Happy New Year Wishes and Goals!

Greetings Gunn Runner Happy New Year! I usually have a tough time organizing and setting goals each year. But as I find myself taking care of a baby, with less time than ever, I’ve begun cutting out extraneous plans and focusing on what’s most-important with my music and my podcasting. So this year, I sat […]

Newsletter: Gunn Runners, DragonCon, Hobbit CD Update

Greetings Gunn Runners! That’s right!  You voted.  The winner of the fan club name is… Gunn Runners.  Gunn Runners overwhelmingly won 48% of the votes.  That easily beat out the other names.  Join other Gunn Runners on my fan club page at marcgunn.net. Celtfather Turned Full-Time Daddy There’s nothing like when I open my daughter’s […]

Newsletter: Who Are Marc Gunn Fans? Summer CD Sale

Greetings… Hmm? I don’t know what to call you.  I want a cool name for fans of Marc Gunn.  That’s why I posted the question “Who Are Marc Gunn Fans?”  in my blog.  I want your suggestions. Fans all over Twitter and Facebook piped up.  Here are some of my favorite responses: Gunners Gunnsters Gunnobites Gunnies […]