Marc Weeklies: Your Feedback Requested

I’m in the process of packing up my apartment to move to a new one here in New Orleans. I’m making good progress. I guess it helps that I didn’t unpack my stuff when I moved here. The reason is that I only planned to live in NOLA for 6 months. A year and a […]

Marc Weeklies: Welcome to Sherwood Forest!

What a weekend! Sherwood Forest Faire was amazing! I didn’t expect it would be THAT cool. But this brand-new faire is raising a LOT of eyebrows around Texas. Unlike most start-up faires, Sherwood Forest Faire LOOKS like a faire that’s been there for years. A dozen stages. A hundred vendors. A beautiful tree setting. It […]

Marc Weeklies: At Last You See Light at the End…

Continuing where I left off with the last Weeklies, I spent the past week working on websites. Look at this. I now have FIVE new sites and all are looking quite spiffy: Celtic MP3s Music Magazine,, Irish & Celtic Music Podcast, Renaissance Festival Podcast, and Celtic Invasion Vacations. I’m excited to have them working, […]

Marc Weeklies: Redesigned

There I was planning to finish a CD when I got an email from Blogger saying they are discontinuing all FTP support. That’s dandy, except for the last six years, every one of my websites was moved over to blogger. So things changed. So instead of mixing my CD, I spent the last week redesigning […]