Christmas Lullaby #10 of your Celtic Christmas Greetings

I had some funny ideas and misconceptions you have about parenthood as I share in today’s podcast. I learned a valuable lesson that I share with other work-from-home parents. Celtic Christmas Notes I feature “Silent Night” from my album Celtic Christmas Greetings Baby wearing for stay-at-home parents Subscribe to the Celtic Christmas Podcast for more great Celtic […]

Please go to sleep

It was three am when Kenzie woke this morning. She has the worst timing. Gwen has a big day. And yet, Kenzie wakes and won’t go back to sleep. On the bright side, we plugged her into the iPad and she’s happy watching shows. I know all too well how bad that is for falling […]

The Repercussions of Zen Parenthood

I think for the most part, I’m a pretty decent stay-at-home dad. One of my strong suits is that I’m fairly zen about parenthood. I don’t get angry or upset easily when Kenzie does something wrong. I take it in stride. I accept that it’s a part of her growth process. She learns. She rebels. […]

Making Lunch

I make Gwen and Kenzie lunch every day that I am able. It all started with Gwen. I think I’ve been making her lunch for about as long as we’ve been together. Kenzie is a bit of a surprise to me. I always wanted to be the kind of dad who made her daughter lunch every […]