Last Thursday, my daughter Kenzie had her surgery.  We went to the hospital at o’dark thirty and waited nervously throughout the day to learn if she was okay. This was the big scary one.  It was open-heart surgery to fix the ventricles, close the shunt, and add a valve to the aorta.  It was performed […]

Kenzie’s First Steps

I was surprised on Monday when I got home to see Kenzie take a few short steps.  I was so busy with DragonCon this weekend that I didn’t realize Gwen was helping her to walk all weekend.  Yesterday, she took many, many more steps by herself.  When Gwen came home from school, she was thrilled […]

Baby Games: Over There

This is the newest game in Kenzie’s arsenal.  Gwen called it “Over There”.  It requires the fine baby skill of pointing.  Here’s how to play for all you kids. Step 1.  Get a parent to pick you.  This can be from crying, reaching up, or grabbing hold of daddy’s leg hair. Step 2.  Use that […]