New Logo for The Celtfather Podcast

New Logo for The Celtfather Podcast

Ever since I created The Celtfather podcast, I have been unhappy with the design. I’m just not great with design. Fortunately, I know people who are. Once again, I want to thank James McDaniel II for creating this awesome new graphic for the show. And also a thanks to Gary R. Hook who took the […]

Celtic Christmas Greeting Card Cover

Ingrid Houwers, sent me the cover for the new Celtic Christmas Greeting Cards, and WOW! She’s outdone herself once again. It’s spectacular. Look at the details and the imagination. Can you imagine your family and friends getting THAT in the mail? They will LOVE it! Order you Celtic Christmas Greeting Cards now at ¬†

Marrus – Furry Sandbag Torture Chamber

Marrus is a BRILLIANT fantasy artist and Sunday she proved that with a fun, cat loving sketch. We’ve all been there. Remember not being able to sleep because you have cats lying on and next to your body and you don’t want to disturb them. Yeah… me too. Well here’s her picture:

Ren Fest Podcast Compilation CD Cover

Here it is! I got the cover for the Renaissance Festival Podcast‘s new compilation CD. It features photography by Chip Talbert, Kimberly Stockton as Elizabeth I and graphic design by the amazing, hard-working and generous, James McDaniel II. Thank you!!!!!! (Ain’t that purty!)

Happy Birthday – Tiziano and Torre Turn Five

Five years ago, Tiziano and Torre were born. I was lucky enough to adopt them a few months later. And now they’re my bestest friends. Mreow! Torre patiently poses for his birthday photo. Tiziano sees something more interesting than posing for birthday photo. Birthday Breakfast for Tiziano and Torre (L-R).

Celtic Cat Cross Stitch

While I was in Ireland, one of our tour attendees, Jan C., asked if she could make a cross stitch of my Celtic cat logo that was designed by Ingrid Houwers. I told her, “Go ahead!” And now she’s finished the cross stitching. Now I think she might throw it together into a wee banner […]

You Can Help Me Raise Money for My Next Cat CD

“To Love Is Human, To Purr Divine” I love my kitties with a passion. Working at home, I spend a lot of time with them, and they spend a lot of time with me. In fact, in February 2006, I caught them napping together, paws tossed over one another taking a simple cat nap. They […]