House Concerts in Maryland and Virginia

In October, I will be heading to Maryland and Virginia for a few house concerts. You are welcome to attend any and all of these events. Just keep in mind, there is limited space available. So secure your spot quickly. I look forward to seeing you there. Friday, October 10, 2014 House Concert at Gary’s […]

Dragon Con 2014, Part 1

I’m not gonna go into any huge details about this year’s Dragon Con. All I can say is it’s been AWESOME! Tonite’s Brobdingnagian Bards show blew the audience away. It was an outstanding show if I do say so myself. There are still two days to go. Tomorrow I have a Firefly Drinking Songs show. […]

Concert Window Was a Hit, Set List, Back to Shipping Sci Fi

Last night’s performance on Concert Window was a tremendous success. There were 37 people who logged on and watched the show. The reviews are fantastic. Thanks to everyone who watched the performance. We even had a viewer at 3am watching the show in Estonia. (thanks Kersta!) Here’s the set list from last night: Nancy Whiskey […]

Marc Gunn Returns to MidSouthCon This Weekend

I’ll be heading back to MidSouthCon in Memphis, Tennessee. I was Guest of Honor there four years ago. This year, I’m a guest with several shows planned. Here’s my schedule for this year’s con. Saturday 12:00 Firefly Drinking Songs 14:00 Intro To Podcasting: Learn tips of the trade to start your own podcast. Discuss how […]

Marc Gunn’s St Patrick’s Day Schedule

March 10-14, 2014 is Marc Gunn’s St Patrick’s Day Party on Google Hangouts, every morning starting at 9:00 am courtesy of the Pub Songs Podcast. Friday, March 14, 2014 at Beef O’Brady’s Irish Pub and Restaurant in Hoover, Alabama Saturday, March 15, 2014 at Five Points in Birmingham, Alabama at three different venues starting at 11am.

Relearning to Jam

One of the great joys of being a musician is the jam session. There’s nothing like getting into a groove and just having fun with it. The song can go on for ten minutes and continues to be a blast to play. If you’re really lucky, it’s also a blast to be heard. I had […]

Demand to See Marc Gunn Live!

I’m working on my schedule for next year. I have a few holes to fill which is why I’m looking for places to do house concerts in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and North Florida. However, I was recently struck by the idea of doing house concerts anywhere in the world using crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is what I’ve […]