CG017: Arrived in Manchester

I arrived in Manchester where my Celtic Invasion of Wales will begin. This is a brief introductory show to get you ready for daily episodes of our adventures in Wales. Find out more at The show is sponsored by If you’re looking to travel anywhere around the world and need a hotel, […]

Where Do You Want to Join Me?

In one week, I fly back to Scotland for my Celtic Invasion Vacation.  I’m getting more and more excited every day.  It’s one of the reasons I started thinking about next year. I threw out some suggestions a few weeks ago.  But it occurred to me that I haven’t asked you. Where do you want to […]

Poll: Where Should Next Year’s Celtic Invasion Go?

I briefly mentioned this in the Scottish Songs show of the latest Pub Songs Podcast.  I’m trying to decide where to go for next year’s Celtic Invasion Vacations. Are you able to go next year? If so, where would you like to go? Option 1 – Venice I typically swap back and forth from Ireland […]

Celtic Ventures and Adventures

It is February, and love is in the air.  And as always, that means love of Celtic music!  It also means love of Celtic adventure.  And if you are a lover of Celtic music and adventure… Celtic Invasion of Scotland …Get set for the Celtic Invasion of Scotland!  For the past week, Marc’s blog has […]

Celtic Invasion of Scotland – Day 6 Itinerary

Day 6- Today will have options to go to Stirling and the many sights including: the recently renovated and reopened Stirling Castle( a must see), Wallace Monument and museum for those that are big fans of Braveheart, this will give you the true story of a great man and his efforts to free his country […]

Celtic Invasion Vacations – Day 5 Itinerary

Day 5- We load up and head south toward Loch Lomond and Loch Ness. The A9 is one of the most beautiful, and scenic roads in all of Scotland. The trip South in itself is worth the travel time. We will have the option to stop at Urquart Castle ruins in the shores of Loch […]

Celtic Invasion Vacations – Day 4 Itinerary

Day 4- Today we explore Inverness with a bit of shopping and exploration options that will carry us to the Nairn for more breathtaking views of the Northern Coast, beaches, small villages on Scotland’s coast with picturesque views of the wild sea. We will then head to the town of Forres, Elgin, Burgehead, Keith and […]