Vacation Tour of Ireland 2008, Day 3

Oy! What a day. I woke up too early. I couldn’t sleep last night, so I pulled in four hours of sleep. It made for a rough start to the day for both me and Andrew who I woke up from my insomnia. I was awoken in time for breakfast and ate quickly. We drove […]

Vacation Tour of Ireland 2008, Day 2

I woke up early in Gougane Barra. Not sure if it was the whiskey the night before or if my schedule is just totally messed up. But I got up, showered and went for a walk outside. Others in our group beat me to it. The weather was cool. The water was placid. I think […]

Vacation Tour of Ireland, Day 1

Good friends. Good Drink. Good company. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Those three things are what I look for in life. Our first day is over, and it is shear perfection. Our plane arrived late this morning. But John Wilmott of Celtic Ways and most of the tour group were waiting […]

Travel to Italy for just $1.62 per Day

I have a wee secret. Every day, for about five minutes, I travel to Italy. I don’t even need to find a low fare guarantee through Orbitz or another online travel agency. Why bother when MY trip only costs $1.62 per day. Okay, I admit it. My Italy trip is not to the actual country. […]