Schatten AD-01 Autoharp Pickup Review

I finally sat down and made a video review of my new Schatten AD-01 Autoharp Pickup. If you read my last post, you know I was a little nervous about using this. That’s because my entire autoharp sound was defined these last 15 years by Oscar Schmidt pickup. Unfortunately, one of mine died on me and […]

Pirates vs. Dragons: The Story Continues

Dragons vs. Pirates tells the story about how Marc Gunn was shanghaied by air pirates and taken aboard the airship, Irish Stout, as a prisoner of Captain Black Jack Murphy, air pirate extraordinaire. Now Marc Gunn is trying to raise money on Kickstarter to bring together a new album of anti-Steampunk music to stop air […]

#SaveTheDragons with My New Album Dragons vs. Pirates

I finally made some decisions about upcoming albums for the year and what’s next as you’ll see in my latest Kickstarter–Dragons vs. Pirates. This album is a bit of vanity project. It started years ago with an album I recorded with Captain Black Jack Murphy called Pogue Mahone Means Kiss My Arse. It was a fun […]

Roland CUBE Street EX Amplifier Review

I don’t do a lot of busking or outdoor gigs where I need this amplifier, but when I do, I need something good. I heard lots of rave reviews about the Roland CUBE Two-Channel Street Amplifier all over the net. So I did some research to try and decide if I should get that or […]

The Free Irish Music Empire Video

St. Patrick’s Day is just six days away. That means folks are anxiously searching the net for free Irish music. I am happy to say that this video will help you connect to a ton of free Irish music resources online from one of the people who changed the way you hear Irish music. ) […]

Rocky Road to Dublin Video

I brought out my video camera this weekend and recorded some of my shows at the Georgia Renaissance Festival. I got a great recording of “Rocky Road to Dublin” (lyrics) that is captured below. If you are one of my Patron of the Arts, you can download and watch a full HD show (available this […]