Make a Marc Gunn music video

In my senior year of high school, my drama teacher asked my class to do a dramatic interpretation to a song of our choice. I chose “Nine Million Rainy Days” by The Jesus & Mary Chain. I acted out the song in a stirring interpretation. At the end, I failed the project along with half […]

Donegal: Where Scotland Meets Ireland

John Wilmott shared this wonderful TV show.  It’s in Gaelic with English subtitles where Mary Mooney of Altan, Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh, goes through the fiddle music of Donegal and other music and there’s some landscapes too. One thing she shares is that Donegal is where Scotland meets Ireland.  It truly is a mix of both […]

Listen to My New Celtic Christmas Single

Any time you read anything about music marketing these days, someone is  there saying, “You should make a video.”  I know nothing about making video.  The idea of making one is rather daunting, in fact. I finally upgraded my computer.  There was a free video program on it.  So I decided to make a simple […]

Twelve Days of DragonCon

The DragonCon Filk Track is posting the Twelve Days of DragonCon with YouTube videos from filk artists performing at the convention. Check out the videos on the website.  Right now, I’m listed on Day 3 with my song “Won’t You Come With Me?”.

Negative Comments and Musical Extremism

Today, I got my first negative feedback from one of the hobbit songs.  Like most people, I don’t like to hear negative comments about my art.  But I want to hear them anyway, especially when they are well-thought out and not attempts to be just plain malicious. This one was regarding “A Well-Dressed Hobbit“.  The […]