Don’t Vote!

Pass it on. Whew! I found my voter registration card. Originally published at Marc Gunn .com. Read. Interact. Breathe. It’s easy; it’s free.

Fellowship of the Ring at Brigit’s Garden

Wow! This came off really nice. The Brobdingnagian Bards were at Brigit’s Garden in Ireland, playing atop this fairy mound. The tune is “Fellowship of the Ring” from our Lord of the Rings CD Memories of Middle Earth. It was a beautiful day as we played. The wind, the lush green grass. John Wilmott of […]

I Want My Own Music Video

I was friended by The Black Sisters on Myspace and they had a couple o’cool videos. A Music Video that makes me want my own. If only I had some sort a video editing software or some clue as to how to do it… And this one is TOOOO COOL. I wanna be in my […]