Celtfather Mailing Lists Divided and Conquered

I finally did it. I finally figured out how to separate mailing lists so I don't have to copy and paste to a different list server every time I want to send a mailing list to fans.

How you ask?

My Reverbnation mailing list is now changing. Here are the main mailing lists that I publish:

Celtfather News: This is my main mailing list through. It is published through aweber and will come out every week or two to highlight what's new with my music. I'll also share fun insights about life, family, the music business and whatever is on my mind. It comes out on Tuesday.

Celtfather Shows: This newsletter comes out at the beginning of every month. It is published by Reverbnation. I will highlight upcoming shows and share a top 5 of what's new. If I play in your area, you'll get an email directly from me telling you when and where.

Celtfather Live: This newsletter comes out exclusively for folks who want to be reminded about my latest internet concert.

Celtic Music Magazine: This newsletter is for fans of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. It comes out every Thursday. I share little bits about what's new with life, new Celtic CDs, and remind you about the latest episode of the podcast.

Yes, I have other mailing lists too. You can see them all here.