Celtfather: Why Video? How to Follow the Invasion

I had this really cool idea a few years back. It was to change the way musicians tour. I knew I wanted a family. So I didn't want to spend all of my time on the road. And so, my goal was to “tour” by sharing live shows in my podcasts and perform live on other podcasts. It would be totally internet-based.

I put out a bunch of live shows on the Pub Songs Podcast. However, I never reached out to other shows. So the concept never caught on. Or at least, it never generated the online sales that could adequately replace touring. It felt like my songs were not gaining traction anywhere online. This is why I moved into video.

It was after releasing my first music video, “A Pirate's Confession” that I had a mind-blowing revelation about why video is so popular with music. People are visually oriented. Video gives us pictures to go with the music. Together the music and visuals are solidified in our memories

I think about the songs I released as videos over the past few months. When I hear them, I see in mind the pictures I attached to those videos.

At a live show, you get a visual of a me jumping up and down and around with my kilt as I sing songs. That is your visual to solidify your memories. But online, when you may never have seen me perform live…?

And so my quest to release more video continues. Last week, I released my second Summer CD Giveaway video and a live video from Johnnie MacCracken's with me singing “Beer, Beer, Beer“. You have until Wednesday, May 31, 2017 at noon to watch those videos and win free CDs like Carroll Leafe did last week. And the more views these videos get, the more CDs you will win! So please share.

I am off on my Celtic Invasion of Brittany on Thursday. Here's how you can stay on top of the invasion:

I look forward to sharing my adventures with you.

Marc Gunn, The Celtfather

PS. Did you know that you can create a video using my music and post it on YouTube. You don't even have to ask. In fact, YouTube takes care of all the copyrights and will even pay me for the use of my music. So why not create your own video. Have fun with it. Then share it on YouTube. And tag me so I can watch too!

PPS. Keep an eye open for my Celtfather June 2017 Update. It should be online today via  YouTube or as a Podcast.