Christmas Memories #13 of your Celtic Christmas Greetings

Right after I finished recording episode #12 of the 12-part series on my Celtic Christmas Greetings podcast, I realized I forgot some Christmas memories that were shared by Nathan Deese, who played flute and other instruments on the album. So I thought I'd share a bonus episode with you.

Celtic Christmas Greeting Card with Celtic Knotwork Wreath

Celtic Christmas Notes


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1 comment on “Christmas Memories #13 of your Celtic Christmas Greetings

  1. Hey Marc, I wonder if you’d be interested in a bit of news about a holiday song that I first heard on one of your Celtic Christmas podcasts a few years ago. I loved Solstice Carol by The Ravens & have listened to that part of the podcast over & over. I tried to find lyrics (couldn’t understand some of the words) but couldn’t find them anywhere. I found a YouTube post of the song, but no printed words. There were also lots of people commenting on the YouTube video, saying that they’ve been searching for this and other Ravens songs for years with no success. Then this week the writer (I think?) of the song posted the words to the song in a YouTube video comment — plus she showed everyone where she has made her songs available for free download!

    I don’t know if links disappear in your comments like on some websites, but here it is if it works (if it doesn’t work, just search “Ravens – Solstice Carol” on YouTube):

    The link she shared for her songs is this:

    Just thought I’d pass that along in case you’re interested in the news that these songs are available again. 🙂

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