Celtic Christmas Music on Spotify

Listen to awesome Indie Celtic Christmas music on Spotify

Listen to awesome Indie Celtic Christmas music on Spotify

There's a lot of good Celtic Christmas music on Spotify. Many Celtic bands have released Christmas albums or singles. Not all have put them on Spotify, but there are quite a few.

The tough part is finding these awesome Celtic Christmas albums. Unless you're familiar with the specific artists, you might not be able to find them due to the overpopulation of crappy “Celtic Christmas” music with good marketers.

I started using Spotify as a Celtic music sampling tool. I can look up a bunch of Celtic musicians and listen to their albums and decide if the music is good enough to add to my personal stash of Celtic Christmas music. I found a few killer albums.

Do you want to sample some music too? Follow these playlists on Spotify.

Awesome Celtic Christmas Music Playlist on Spotify

I have one final Christmas music playlist. It's Fun Christmas Music for Kids. It's not just Celtic Christmas music. It's a bunch of my favorite Christmas songs, both Celtic and non-Celtic. Yes. There's even some Whitney Houston. Just great Christmas songs!

If you're on Spotify, give 'em a listen. Follow the playlists. If you find something you like, buy it and support indie Celtic music.