Celtic Christmas Music Pet Peeves

I finished recording my Celtic Christmas special of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. As I was looking over the music, I found some Christmas music submitted to me by a publicity. It was labeled “Celtic”.

In general, I'm fairly open-minded about Celtic music. My personal preference? Celtic songs and Celtic tunes. I also love some Celtic rock, but I'm extremely picky about it. (Check out Finn's Fury–new faves)

Even Celtic Christmas music, I'm fairly open-minded. But I've been listening to the local radio station that plays Christmas 24-hours a day. And the music is highly disappointing. So much so that when I looked at that “Celtic” Christmas submission, I had to gag and hurl, ‘less I do a Van Gogh impression.

It was New Age piano and synthesizer music that some might call “Celtic”. Again, if I wasn't listening to crappy Christmas music just like this, then I'd accept it. But Ugh! There's too much Crappy Christmas music out there. And thusfar, not that many great Celtic Christmas CDs.

I guess this is a good time to post Catherine Tully's “Top 10 Celtic Christmas Music Holiday Gift CDs“. I don't know if I have a favorite Celtic Christmas CD myself. But you can at least find some great individual tracks and hopefully find your own favorite Celtic Christmas CD when you subscribe to the Celtic Christmas Podcast where you can hear the Pub Songs Podcast Christmas music special, which is now online.

Oh! And I am looking into doing my own Celtic Christmas compilation CD. So if you're in a band, please contact me and let me know if you'd like to be added. I'm gonna be just as discriminating with this album as I was with that crappy Celtic Christmas song submission.