Celtic Christmas Video Show Recorded

Saturday evening, I sat down with my autoharp, a Christmas tree, and my videographer Chuck Davis, and we recorded a Celtic Christmas Music Special. This show will be released for free on YouTube as soon as Chuck can get it mixed and ready to release.

The Celtic Christmas music special was created in response to a Milestone I achieved on Patreon a few weeks back. As I get higher monthly donations, I offer cool rewards. What's cooler than a Celtic Christmas video special that you can watch for free!?

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As the sun was setting over the Louisiana Renaissance Festival and the canon announced the end of the day, I raced back to Jamie's home to record the show. I was the first to arrive aside from Chuck and Jamie. The tree was beautifully decorated. Chuck was ready to go with his video camera in hand. I quickly freshened up before tuning my autoharp and sitting on a stool in front of the tree.

Chuck was the guy who produced my “Won't You Come With Me” video a few years back as well as my “Zombie Love Song“. I love working with him. He's got a great eye and knows his stuff.

Now originally, I had this big Irish Rovers Christmas Special meets the Donny and Marie Osmond,Christmas Special idea in my head. Maybe a little Letterman thrown into the mix. There was a lot of poor planning on my part. Remind me never to be a producer again. Because of that we decided to keep it simple. We only had a couple hours before the house would be filled with people. So Chuck decided to use a single camera for the shooting to offer a much more personal and intimate setting for the show.

He zoomed in and I recorded five or six songs along with some brief introductions to them. It took 2-4 takes of each to get it right. But the end of my recording, Steve Brownlee was the first to arrive. He's one of the bagpipes of Haggis Rampant. He recorded a set of traditional Christmas tunes on his Scottish smallpipes.

The gypsy girls were next. Actually, they weren't gypsies for this shoot. Sidetracked Productions does comedy storytelling. Kim and Shoshi are amazing. They read “The Night Before Christmas” to the laughter of the other entertainers staying at the house. I think they will steal the show.

Then Andrew McKee played a tune on his recorder. Patrick and Jonelle Franz finished the evening with some some hilarious Christmas jokes.

All in all, the recording was a great success. Now I'm just waiting to see the final result. Chuck will spend the next few days editing the show. Then we shall release it to YouTube for FREE!

The only thing left is deciding on a name of the show. Here are the options:

  • Christmas for the Celtic American
  • Christmas Songs for the Celtic American
  • Christmas Fun for the Celtic American

Which title do you prefer? Which appeals to YOU?

As you can see by these three titles, I was trying to determine who the target audience was. From there, I had other ideas of calling it like “Christmas, A Celtic American Tradition”. But I'm just not sure. So what do you think?

Do you have alternative idea of what to call this?

Please share your comments below.

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  1. greetings my friend I can hardly wait>>> Celtic American Christmas Traditions Christmas Traditions for the Celtic American, personally I prefer the first one . Why does the word American need to be on the cover. Christmas Traditions for Celtic Americans> Celtic Christmas traditions for young & old, 🙂
    K. Dobie.

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