CG038: How to Unclog Your Inbox, Ah-Ha Moments

As I pack up CDs to mail from my recent Kickstarter for Sci Fi Drinking Songs, I thought I'd record a podcast. Today, we talk about how to filter your email. I share the challenges of promoting with social media. And I remember the ah-ha moments that changed my musical career forever.

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My apologies if I said, “Uh” too much in this episode. That's what comes from not focusing on what I have to talk about, I guess…

How to Unclog Your Email on Gmail

I use gmail for my email client. I love it. They offer lots of space for storing stuff and it's easy to manage. Here's how.

  1. Create a folder for “Newsletters”.
  2. Next to the Reply button, is a down arrow. Click that.
  3. Click “Filter Messages Like This”
  4. At the bottom right, click “Create filter with this search”
  5. Click the buttons “Skip the Inbox (Archive It)” and “Apply the Label” with your new Newsletter folder

Now each time a newsletter comes in, send it straight to your Newsletter folder. After a couple weeks, your inbox will be beautifully empty.

You can also add a filter from slainte@marcgunn and and

Now you won't miss a single email by me because you will you insure that they go straight to you inbox (mine don't go to Newsletters, silly).

David tells me that you can also filter emails in the Gmail App on the iPhone. He writes:

  • Google mail now automatically filters your mail.
  • I have my email david@re****.com automatically forwarded to gmail.
  • Gmail in turn sorts all my email from this and all addresses (12).
  • You can tell gmail where you want each piece mail to end up.
  • And the good thing it is easily done via the Gmail app for iPhone.
  • It syncs with web explorers on your PC or Mac.
  • Takes little time for any geek to set up.

Thanks David!


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