Christmas with The Celtfather

I really wish I was more consistent with… well, anything. Alas, that's not me. I bounce around from one thing to the next and try to maintain some consistency. At least I now have a weekly schedule for the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. I also have a monthly schedule for for Celtfather Music & Travel and the Pub Songs Podcast. It's a start. (Find all my podcasts here)

I bring it up because I started a new video series on Facebook. It's called Coffee with The Celtfather. Yesterday, I shared Christmas songs during my weekly live streaming video show. I even gave away prizes. In fact, if you watch the video, you could learn how to win a copy of my Celtic Christmas Greetings CD along with other prizes. I announce the winner next Monday.

You can also see me singing Christmas songs with my girls. It might be a bit of a racket. But it's pretty cute!

And of course, there's my Celtic Christmas Craic show I released a few years back. It's free to watch on YouTube.

I wish I was more consistent with a lot of stuff, blogging, video, podcasts. But I find my interests are greater than my ability to do all of the things I want to accomplish. So I guess for now, I'm doing an okay job.

I would love it if you would join me on a Coffee with The Celtfather show at the beginning of 2018. I'll have an all new schedule in January.