Cornwall Itinerary for 2016 Celtic Invasion Vacations, CF#37

Photo by Jack Pease

Photo by Jack Pease

It's funny how when I start planning this podcast, I frequently have NO news to share. Then I start searching to see what I did the past week, or what I have planned to come. Everything comes together. I end up with a longer show.

I start the show off as usual with my Celtic Music Spotlight of the Scottish band Breabach. I also made an update to my Gunn Runners page to earn more patrons on Patreon. I talk about how I created this week's Irish & Celtic Music Podcast which features three hours of awesome Celtic music picked from my past ten years producing this podcast. I also share about some of my plans for GenCon this weekend.

Finally, I finished the “itinerary” of next year's Celtic Invasion of Cornwall. I picked Cornwall because of its Arthurian history more than it's Celtic. But both are super important. I give you a day-by-day glimpse of what is completed thus far for next year's vacation. It's gonna be fun and exciting. Will you join me?

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 Mentioned This Week on The Celtfather #37

  • Celtic Invasion Vacation Weekend 2016 is in the planning stages! We'll be invading Cornwall!
  • The new GunRunner Page is live! Due to the generous support of my patrons and GunRunners, I'm closer to making a full-time career of being a musician. Visit my page, and see how you can get involved!
  • CDs and Shirts are in the mail – the Sainted Patrons are in progress, but those rewards probably won't be sent out until after GenCon.
  • The 3-hour Irish & Celtic Music Podcast (#217) is up, and is awesome! Though digging through over 10-hours of music was pretty work intensive – check it out!
  • Celtic Top 20 – I need your votes!
  • Upcoming Shows
  • My Irish Jewelers has a 10% discount, good through the end of 2015!
  • GenCon – I'll have lots of different CDs this year – come out and see if I've got the one you're looking for!
  • GenCon:
    • Firefly Drinking Songs: 0 of 200 seats reserved
    • Cat Lovers Songs: 31 of 180 seats reserved
    • SciFi Drinking Songs: 36 of 200 seats reserved
    • Friday Night Life: 73 of 300 seats reserved