Danny Boy for Cat Lovers (Lyrics)

“Danny Boy” (parody of Irish American song)
music traditional, words Marc Gunn 9/25/2003

Performed by Marc Gunn
From CD: Whiskers in the Jar

Oh Danny Boy, the alarm is not yet ringing.
But I awake with you licking me on my cheek.
The morning’s come too soon, and you won’t stop meowing.
Why won’t you let me get one good night’s sleep.

At 3am, I awoke. You were at the window.
You pawed the blinds and meowed loudly to the air.
I threw a pillow and, said, “Would you be quiet!”
You thought a game, and came to chew my hair.

When I come home tonight to find you sleeping.
You look so sweet in the chair that you sheared.
I’ll wonder why I have this great desire
To watch you run as I yell into your ear.

For my revenge is only just beginning.
Not a moment’s rest, this evening you will see!
‘Til 11pm, when I lay down and am dreaming
Then I will sleep in peace… until… the… morn-ing!


This cat song is based on the Irish American folk song, “Danny Boy”. Many people don’t realize that cats are largely nocturnal creatures. This is the reason they are most active in the middle of the night… and three in the morning when you’re trying to sleep. This song is inspired by those sleepless nights.

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