Dragon Con 2015 Review, Emerald Rose, Drinking Songs / CF#43

I had an amazing time at DragonCon 2015! The Firefly Drinking Songs and Hobbit Drinking Songs concerts were huge and a ton of fun! The Brobdingnagian Bards concerts were fantastic (though a blur), followed by an excellent set with Tom Smith. And thanks to the tremendous help of my Atlanta Street Team, we've hit a record year in sales and promotions! Probably our best years to date!

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Inspirational Quote: “It's easier to know what you're against – quite another to know what you're for.The Wind that Shakes the Barley (2006)

One of the first Celtic bands that came across my radar was The Emerald Rose, and they were one of the springing off points for me becoming a celtic music performer and podcaster.

Celtic Music Spotlight


Band: Emerald Rose
Homepage: http://emeraldrose.com
From CD: Sunwise
Songs: Ancient Days, Mountain Fey, Drombeg
Year Released: 2014
Hometown: Dahlonega
Description: Celtic American Folk Rock. Emerald Rose is a four-man folk rock band in the New Celtic tradition with a rich, original “world fusion” sound with influences ranging from the Chieftains to Jethro Tull. Blending harmony vocals, pennywhistle, Irish pipes, world percussion, driving guitars and bass, their music ranges from traditional jigs and reels to original folk rock and pop numbers. Many of the band's musical themes draw from Celtic myth and legend, but their style is modern, upbeat and accessible.

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