Bring Me Home, Boys (Lyrics)

Words and music Marc Gunn, additional verse James Hazelrig

Performed by Bedlam Bards & Marc Gunn
From CD: Firefly Drinking  Songs and Sci Fi Drinking Songs

Bring me home, boys, bring me home.
Bring me home, boys, bring me home.
Go and tell my  momma I died a man.
And when my breath has left, bring me home.

My sergeant said, boy, don't you run.
I don't care if the alliance comes.
I saw him die, but I took a stand.
So go and tell my papa I died a man.

I was brave, boy, as best I can.
I felt my gun shake, as a shot a man,
But bullets pierced my heart, can't feel my hands.
Now go and tell my brother I died a man

Just you and me, boy, are left alive.
But I can tell, not long, until I die.
I did not run cause you're my friend.
So go and tell my sister I died a man.

[additional verse by Bedlam Bards]

We might fall, boys, we might fall.
The Alliance may attack us one and all.
No matter what they bring, we'll fight like men.
So go and tell my people, “We'll rise again!”

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This song was inspired by the episode “The Message” from the TV show Firefly.  It's about a soldier in battle at Serenity Valley.  He's doing his best to fight and win, but like most of the soldiers at that battle, the man dies.  However, before he passes, he tells his friend to bring his body home to his parents.

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