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During Spring Break in 1990, my mom and I went on a pilgrimage of the art of Piero della Francesca. We followed his art around Italy, culminating in a stop in Assisi. I don't know what it was about the town, but upon entering, and throughout the visit, I was filled with a blissful sense of peace and joy.

It is 18 years later, and I still remember the feeling I had in that town. While watching Rick Steves talk about the Assisi, I was left longing. So I picked up my autoharp and shared my feelings. Upon completion I asked my fans and friends what the song should be called. They voted, and it was named “Song of Assisi”. I hope you share in the magic of my experience, and one day have the joy of visiting it too. The song will appear on a CD of instrumental autoharp music.

“Song of Assisi”
Listen: LoFi
Recorded by Marc Gunn
From: Autoharp Instrumentals (name TBD)
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